Google Not To Launch Pixel 4 In India

Google Pixel 4 was one of the most hyped smartphone in 2019. It was launched in United States on 15th October. Many of you might be waiting for Pixel 4. But unfortunately as per Google latest statement, it is not going to launch in India.

Pixel 4 uses a special motion sensor with uses 60 MHz frequency. This sensor is useful to do certain activities when you wave your hands. The project called Project Soli. Since 60 MHz frequency is not allowed in India due to security concern, so it is unlikely that Pixel 4 or any device which uses 60 MHz will ever get launch in India

Well, since India is a huge market for smartphones, so google may not like to miss this opportunity to launch a different version of Pixel 4 without that special sensor. In fact Google also hints about that. But when it will be launched is still a big question. Even China also has the same issue . So Google may launch a special version of Pixel 4 in both these countries.

Many of you might have a question, what if we buy the Pixel 4 from United States and bring it to India. Will it still work? The answer is Yes. But all functions that was driven by that special motion sensor wont work until you are in India. Those features are the main USP of Pixel 4. I wont feel anyone will buy this phone if those features does not work.

Pixel devices was popular in India. It was due to the poor design and lack of interest in promoting the product. On top of that the price is way out of the segment. Many people prefer to buy an iPhone over Pixel as both overlaps themselves in the same price range.

What do you feel about Pixel 4 not launching in India. Please write in the comment section about your thought on this.

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