OnePlus 5G Variant Mobile Not Launching In India

Why No OnePlus 5G in India?

OnePlus is the number one premium smartphone brand in India surpassing Samsung. After the success of OnePlus 7T, they recently launched OnePlus 7T pro at a price tag of 53,999. Along with OnePlus 7T pro they launched the McLaren edition at 58,999.

OnePlus also launched the 5G version of OnePlus 7T in developed countries like the United States. They already have a tie-up with T-Mobile to launch the 5G OnePlus in the USA.

In India, we might be excited that OnePlus may launch a 5G version in 2020. If you are expecting then you should get disappointed.

Oneplus CEO Pete Lau confirmed that there will be no 5G OnePlus device in India in the near future. At least not in 2020.

You must be wondering why OnePlus is doing so when it already has one plus 5G in other countries. Well, we can’t really blame OnePlus.

India still does not have full-fledged 5G network infrastructure and no company would like to invest when the infrastructure itself is not available.

Oneplus is hoping that India might have the required 5G facilities by the end of 2020 and then we might see a 5G OnePlus phone in India.

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