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About Us

Learn What We Do, How We Do it, And What We Are All About

What We Are

RiansDeal is a publication house that publishes unbiased & authentic reviews and buying guides on Home Appliances, Kitchen Appliances, and consumer electronic products.

We believe in educating our audiences on different technological terms of products. Thus we have a knowledge base section too.

We review products so that you don’t have to go here and there to find the best product that aligns with your requirement. We try to make your shopping experience right and easy.

Our product reviews are completely unbiased and we never publish nor will publish or suggest any product to our audience that we don’t feel is up to the standard.

Yeah, we earn some commission when we refer a product and you buy that. But we only promote those products that are genuine, have quality, and meet the demand of our audiences.

We never outsource our review articles and thus you will find personal touch and experiences in our articles. You can always count on us as one of you who is experiencing the product before you buy the product. We never force anyone to buy our recommended product.

We run RiansDeal out of our passion and will continue to do so even though we may run into losses in running a blog of this size. For us, quality and audience satisfaction are more important than any monetary benefit.

Do you know, Big publication houses have hundreds of content writers who write sponsored articles to promote sub-standard products? You will realize that when you buy their recommended products. Do you want to fall into their trap? The decision is yours.

In contrast, we at RiansDeal don’t recruit any content writers nor do we outsource our articles. That is why we could able to give you authentic information as we are just one of you.

RiansDeal was started during the summer of 2020, and within a short span of time, we have established ourselves as one of the best appliances review sites in India

We don’t review products to influence audiences, but we write to add value to their life. We write so that our audiences can take an informed and better decision while making a purchase.

How Do We Earn?

We earn a commission when you buy our recommended products. If you buy the product and return it, we don’t earn anything.

Retailers pay us the commission, not you. So you will still pay the actual cost of the product and not anything extra. Happy?

Unfortunately, most people fall into the trap of reputed publication houses that mostly promote sub-standard products. Those are basically sponsored articles paid for by the company.

Mostly, we don’t earn anything from RiansDeal, but we still, keep this blog alive by investing money from our other blogs and personal savings.

Why do we do that?

Because this is the industry where we worked for more than 20 years and we feel connected when we write about it.

How long can we survive? Don’t know. Probably, till our personal savings last.

Where We Are

We are based out at the Pearl City Of India, Hyderabad, India

Who We Are

RiansTech is owned and run by Rajib & Mimi. We both inherited our traditional Bengali culture and have roots in Hyderabad.

RiansDeal is privately owned by Rajib and Mimi. We both write for this blog. We don’t outsource our articles as we want to give a personal touch and experience to all articles that we publish.

Rajib has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from NIT in 2004. He worked with different appliance giants like Whirlpool and GE appliances for over two decades in India and the USA.

Rajib is considered a veteran in the Appliance industry where he was involved in designing multiple parts and subsystems of Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerators and Front Load Dishwashers.

In this last role, he was a Project Manager with Capgemini in the Northern America region.

Mimi is a BSc in Computer Science from Kuvempu University, Bangalore. She is more of a homemaker when she gets some time out of Crafting. She runs a craft boutique in Hyderabad and owns an online craft store named ” RiansCart

Why We Are

RianDeal is owned and run by people who actually worked in the Appliances domain and Consumer Electronics Products for over two decades in India and in the USA.

We believe that know the engineering details, we know what the customer wants, and we know the technologies used in appliances.

Our practical experience gave us the confidence that we provide the most accurate and unbiased information about the product reviews that we publish on our blog.