Refrigerator Buying Guide [ How To Choose The Best Refrigerator]

The way technologies are evolving, it’s tough to know everything about a product. For example, if you purchased a refrigerator five years back, all those technologies might have become obsolete now.

Proper and detailed knowledge is essential before buying a product, be it a refrigerator or any other product.

If you plan to buy a refrigerator, I would highly recommend you to read this Refrigerator Buying Guide. This guide will be worth the time that you will spend.

This Fridge Buying Guide will help you to understand the following terms.

  • Basic technical terms of refrigerator
  • The working principle of a refrigerator
  • Types of refrigerator
  • The latest technologies and innovations used in refrigerators
  • Essential features that you should look for in a refrigerator
  • How to take proper care and maintenance of a refrigerator.

After reading the article, you will be proficient enough to decide whether a refrigerator is good or bad, which will help you make an informed buying decision.

What Is A Refrigerator?

A refrigerator is a machine that removes heat from an enclosed box that may contain food, medicines, drinks, etc.

Please note that a refrigerator does not supply cool air. It removes heat from the air and then circulates the same air ( cooled) inside the refrigerator.

There are typically two zones or compartments in a refrigerator.

  • Fresh food zone
  • Freezer zone
Interior of a refrigerator
Interior of a refrigerator

Fresh Food Zone

The fresh food zone is the place of a refrigerator where you will keep most of your stuff. The temperature is usually 3 to 5° more than the freezing temperature of the water.

Manufacturers usually divide the fresh food zone into multiple cabinets for vegetables, meat, fruits, milk, etc. But low-cost refrigerators only get a big compartment with multiple shelves to keep items.

In the above image, the right side compartment is the fresh food zone, and as you can see there are multiple shelves to keep items.

Freezer Zone

The freezer zone usually has a water-freezing temperature or below water-freezing temperature. The freezer compartment is always smaller than the fresh food compartment. Usually, it is 30% of the size of the refrigerator. You can keep items like ice cream, meats, and medicine in the freezer compartment.

In the above image, the left side compartment is the freezer zone.

How Does A Refrigerator Work?

A typical refrigerator has four processes involved. All processes are cyclic. What that means is that the processes will keep on running until you manually stop them.

The main element of a refrigerator is the Refrigerant. It is a liquid in the ideal state. It flows around different parts of a refrigerator and takes the heat away from the food.

Here are those four processes of a typical refrigeration cycle.

Refrigerator Working Principle
Refrigerator Working Principle


The evaporator has pipes through which liquid refrigerant passes. You can not see the evaporator until you remove the plastic cover on top of it.

When refrigerant comes to the evaporator, it will be in a liquid state and under low pressure. While flowing through the evaporator, the refrigerant absorbs all heat from the food and converts itself into a gaseous state. The pressure remains low while the refrigerant leaves the evaporator.


After the evaporator, the refrigerant gas enters the compressor, where a motor compresses the refrigerant gas to increase its temperature and pressure.

A compressor is the heart of a refrigerator. You might see a black oval-shaped part at the back ( bottom side) of your refrigerator. Right? That is the compressor.


Did you notice those black pipes at the back of your refrigerator? Those are called condenser pipes. Those are either made of copper or aluminum.

After the compressor, the high-pressure and high-temperature refrigerant enters the condenser. While passing through the condenser, the refrigerant gas dissipates all the heat that it absorbed while it is in the evaporator.

Due to the heat dissipation, the refrigerant again goes back to the liquid state


All refrigerator has expansion valves that reduce the pressure of the liquid refrigerant coming out of the condenser. While going out of the expansion valve, the refrigerant is in a liquid and low-pressure state.

After the expansion valve, the refrigerant again enters the evaporator, and the cycle continues like that.

Once the refrigerator compartment is sufficiently cool, a thermostat detects the temperature and automatically stops the flow of the refrigerant. When the temperature rises again, the refrigerant starts flowing again.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Refrigerator: Refrigerator Buying Guide

Here are a couple of things that you should consider before you buy a refrigerator.

1. Types Of Refrigerators

Refrigerators are divided mainly by their door configuration. Here are the different types of refrigerators

  • Single door refrigerator
  • Double door refrigerator
  • Triple door refrigerator
  • French door refrigerator
  • Multi door refrigerator
  • Side-by-side refrigerator
  • Door In door refrigerator

Whether the fridge can defrost by itself or do it manually, refrigerators are divided into the following types.

  • Direct cool refrigerator
  • Frost Free refrigerator

Single Door Refrigerator

As the name suggests, single-door refrigerators have a single door for both fresh food and freezer compartments. The whole compartment is a single liner, with the upper portion being the freezer and the lower portion being the fresh food compartment.

Single Door Refrigerator
Single Door Refrigerator

Usually, single-door refrigerators are direct cool refrigerators. That means, you need to clean the frost manually, and there is no fan to circulate the cool air.

One of the other disadvantages is that those are available under very small capacities, like under 300 liters. So if you have a large family, single-door refrigerators are not for you.

Double Door Refrigerator

Unlike single-door refrigerators, double-door refrigerators have a separate door for the freezer compartment. So you can operate the fresh food compartment without bothering the freezer compartment.

Usually, double-door refrigerators are frost-free. What that means is that the refrigerators can auto-clean the frost. There is a heating element in the freezer unit that defrosts the ice regularly based on the signal from the thermostat

Double door refrigerator
Double door refrigerator

Double-door refrigerators are available at a capacity of 240 liters and higher. So for a small or medium-sized family, double-door refrigerators are the best. However, these refrigerators consume more electricity.

Based on how the freezer compartment is designed, double-door refrigerators are divided into the following types.

  • Top mount refrigerator
  • Bottom mount refrigerator
Top Mount Refrigerator

In the top-mount refrigerators, the freezer unit is at the top. This is the most common type of double-door refrigerator available in India. However, this type of model has an ergonomic issue. If you are tall, to operate the fresh food unit, you always need to bend down, which can be a problem for many.

Top Mount Refrigerator
Top Mount Refrigerator
Bottom Mount Refrigerator

In the bottom mount refrigerators, the freezer unit is at the bottom. People usually use the fresh food unit more than the freezer unit.

So you don’t need to bend down to operate a bottom-mount refrigerator fresh food unit. However, except for ergonomics, there are no other such benefits.

Bottom mount refrigerator
Bottom mount refrigerator

Triple Door Refrigerator

Triple-door refrigerators have the same configuration as double-door refrigerators, but the only addition is that it has a separate drawer/compartment for vegetable or meat items.

Some people do not want to keep meat with any other items. For them, it’s a good option as they can keep the meat in a separate compartment.

Triple Door Refrigerator
Triple Door Refrigerator

French Door Refrigerator

French door refrigerators are usually three-door refrigerators where two fresh food doors open side by side, but the freezer door opens like a drawer.

The freezer unit is always at the bottom for the French door refrigerators. This type of refrigerator is very common nowadays. Usually, French door refrigerators use two different evaporators for the fresh food and freezer.

French Door Refrigerator
French Door Refrigerator

Certain models also come with a dedicated water dispenser unit in the fresh food area to get cold water without even opening the refrigerator. Some models come with a dedicated ice maker and ice cube dispenser unit.

Recently GE has launched a model in the United States that can dispense hot coffee from the refrigerator. Does not it sound cool?

Fresh-door refrigerators are very costly and only suitable for medium to large-size families. The typical capacity of French door refrigerators is 500 liters and above.

Multi Door Refrigerator

If any refrigerator has more than three doors, then it is called a multi-door refrigerator. Usually, in a multi-door refrigerator, there will be only one freezer unit. However, the space in the fresh food area is divided into multiple sections for the ease of consumers.

For example, there is a separate compartment for meat, vegetables, or milk in multi-door refrigerators. So consumers need to open only that door that has their specified food item.

multi door refrigerator
Multi Door Refrigerator

Multi-door refrigerators are not yet very popular in India as its very costly. It is only suitable for very large families.

Side By Side Refrigerator

Side-by-side refrigerators have two doors that open side by side. The left side door is for the freezer compartment, and the right side door is for the fresh food compartment. This type of refrigerator is the best in terms of ergonomics.

In some models, the freezer unit is on the right side. But in most cases, the freezer unit is on the left side, especially in India. Side-by-side refrigerators have the largest proportionate freezer size.

Side By Side Refrigerator
Side By Side Refrigerator

Most side-by-side models come with a dedicated water dispensing unit. Some models also come with a dedicated ice maker and an ice cube dispensing unit.

Door In Door Refrigerator

Door-in-door refrigerators have an outer door on the right-side door. It is a French-door refrigerator with that extra door.

The purpose of that door is to store commonly used items that you regularly take out like drinks, milk, fruit, etc. You don’t need to open the main door to take that commonly used item.

Door-in-door models are energy efficient as you don’t need to open the main door of your refrigerator very often as the refrigerator consumes most of the power when you open and close it very frequently.

Door In Door Refrigerator
Door In Door Refrigerator

Direct Cool Refrigerator

A direct cool refrigerator uses natural convection for cooling. There is no fan to enhance the cooling. There is no heater to melt the frost that is accumulated in the freezer unit. You need to clean the frost manually.

Since direct cool refrigerators do not use any fan, they offer uneven cooling. That is the reason more frost is formed, and not cooling efficiently.

Direct cool refrigerators are found usually in single-door models. These models consume less electricity, are energy-efficient, less expensive, and ideal for small families.

Frost Free Refrigerator

Well, don’t get confused by the term ” Frost Free.” No refrigerator is frost-free. What a frost-free refrigerator does is that it cleans the frost automatically, and that is why it is called a frost-free refrigerator.

A frost-free refrigerator uses a heater that heats the freezer unit to clean the frost. Whenever there is more frost in the freezer, the thermostat sends a signal to the heater to activate it.

Once the frost has melted, the water is drained away through a pipe placed at the bottom of the evaporator. If you find that your refrigerator is not cleaning your frost, you may need to check whether that pipe is blocked.

direct cool vs frost free

2. Family Size And Refrigerator Capacity

family size and refrigerator

Apart from checking the family size, we also need to see the space available in the kitchen or wherever you want to keep the refrigerator.

Please note that some refrigerator doors open more than 90 degrees. So you need to make sure that there is enough gap between the refrigerator and the wall.

3. Inverter Technology

Nowadays, many refrigerators come with inverter Technology or smart inverter Technology. It is nothing but a technology to save power and not run your refrigerator during a power cut. However, some refrigerators come with a power inverter too.

Please ensure that you should always go for an inverter technology-enabled refrigerator unless you have any budget issues. That can save 30-40% of your electricity bills.

Before we learn about inverter Technology, we should learn about how a compressor works in a refrigerator.

As I explained before, a compressor is used to compress the refrigerant gas to increase its pressure and temperature.

Now when the fridge is sufficiently cooled, the flow of refrigerant gets stopped. When the flow of refrigerant is stopped, the compressor also gets turned off.

When the temperature again increases in the refrigerator, the refrigerant flow gets started again, and the compressor also starts working again. Do you know that this frequent shutdown and starting of the compressor consumes a lot of power?

In any traditional refrigerator, the compressor either runs at full speed or will be shut down. There is no in-between.

What inverter Technology does is that it never stops the compressor. Instead, it slows down the compressor motor speed when further cooling is not required. In this way, it can save some energy. The approximate saving is around 30-40%

Here is an article on Inverter technology in Washing machines. The concept is the same in refrigerators too. If you wish, you can read the article to gain more knowledge on inverter technology.

Must Read: Inverter Technology In Washing Machine

In inverter Technology, the compressor never gets shut down. Unlike a traditional compressor, inverter Technology uses a variable-speed motor that can control the motor speed based on the cooling load. It uses different sensors to detect the cooling load.

Inverter technology

4. Convertible Refrigerator

The appliance market is very competitive. People are very choosy about what they buy, and they want the most from their appliances.

We know that there are two compartments in a refrigerator. One is the fridge ( fresh food zone) and the other is the freezer. Some people may not need both compartments at a time.

For example, if you are a vegetarian, you may not need the freezer compartment as most of the vegetables are stored in the fridge and not in the freezer. So ideally, freezer space is a waste for you.

Convertible Refrigerator
Convertible Refrigerator

On the other hand, if you are a non-vegetarian, you may need more space in the freezer. Right? To solve these space utilization issues, there are special types of refrigerators called convertible refrigerators.

With a convertible refrigerator, you can convert the freezer to a fridge or vice versa. This type of refrigerator has two different sets of evaporators and fans.

Each can be controlled separately. You can independently control the temperature of both compartments.

So when you convert the freezer to the fridge, the refrigerator changes the temperature accordingly and automatically. The same thing happens when you convert a fridge to a freezer.

All you need to do is to select the mode, and the refrigerator will convert accordingly. But do keep in mind that the conversion takes some time for the refrigerator. The times vary from 1 hour to 3 hours.

There are different modes that you can select to make this conversion. For example, a few Samsung models have 5 modes, LG has models with 3 modes, and Haier has models with 8 models. Almost every manufacturer now produces convertible refrigerators.

Here are a few modes available in a typical Samsung convertible refrigerator.

Normal Mode

In normal mode, the freezer and the fridge mode work as usual. This is the default configuration of any convertible refrigerator.

Vacation mode

If you are going on vacation, you can switch to vacation mode. That will keep the freezer running, but the fresh food compartment won’t be getting cooling. This will save energy when you are out.

Seasonal mode

Refrigerators are smart enough to understand what season is going on, and based on that, they will decide if the freezer or fridge needs to be turned off.

For example, if you switch to seasonal mode during winter, the freezer will turn into a fridge for additional space. The reason is that during winter, hardly anyone uses the freezer.

Home alone mode

When you are alone at home or you are a bachelor, you may not need the whole refrigerator to be working. You can simply keep the freezer on so that you can save some electricity.

Extra Shopping Mode

If you have shopped for too many food items and your fridge is running short of space, then you can convert the freezer into a fridge so that you can use that space for more food.

5. Uniform cooling technology

One of the main problems with the old generation refrigerators is that those refrigerators can not cool every corner of the refrigerator. There was no forced convection using a fan, or in some cases, there was no sufficient venting.

Due to this issue, some areas used to get cooler in old refrigerators, and some areas did not get cool at all. That is why food was getting spoiled.

Ice Beam Door
Ice Beam Door

With uniform cooling technology, the cool air is circulated to every corner of the refrigerator. This is achieved by designing multiple vents in the refrigerators and using multiple fans for forced air circulation. Some refrigerators have vents behind every shelf.

Although the concept is the same, different manufacturers use different names for this technology. As Haier calls it a 3D airflow system, Samsung calls it an Ice beam door.

6. Power Consumption Of Refrigerator

I still remember that during the ’90s, my father was scared to buy a refrigerator as at that time refrigerator was a power-hungry machine.

But modern refrigerators are different. They no longer consume more electricity with the invention of technologies like inverter Technology.

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency ( BEE) has made it mandatory for all manufacturers to show how much power that specified refrigerator will consume per year. Although that number is just an estimation, you will get an idea of how energy-efficient your refrigerator is.

BEE Star rating
BEE Star rating

Since those technical data is not easy to understand for consumers, BEE allowed manufacturers to show star ratings. A high star rating means a more energy-efficient refrigerator.

If a refrigerator has a high star rating, the price of the refrigerator will also be high. This makes sense as the running cost will be low. So you need to calculate and accordingly see which one is more profitable.

7. Power Cut Handling Technology

Almost all cities in India suffer the pain of power cuts. It might be around 1-2 hours daily in cities, but 10-12 hours daily in rural areas.

When there is a power cut, your refrigerator won’t work, So your food won’t stay cool, and there is a chance that food may get spoiled.

Manufacturers understood this problem, so they came up with different technologies to solve this problem. You can buy a separate inverter and hook it up with the refrigerator. But that will add more cost. Right?

Cool Wall Technology
Cool Wall Technology

Some refrigerators in the market come with an inbuilt power inverter. So when there is a power cut, the refrigerator will run on that power inverter for a certain period. Unfortunately, those refrigerators are way too costly.

Many manufacturers now offer artificial cooling technology. Samsung offers Cool Wall technology that has cooling gel inside the liner. When there is a power cut, the cooling gel helps to keep the refrigerator cool.

LG has a similar technology called Ice Beam Door that keeps your refrigerator cool during a power cut. Other manufacturers also have similar technology.

One of the other issues is voltage fluctuation. Due to voltage fluctuation, your refrigerator may get damaged. Fortunately, all refrigerators nowadays come with an in-built stabilizer. So no more tension of voltage fluctuation.

8. Temperature Controlled Bins

Some refrigerators allow you to keep bins at a different temperature than that of the refrigerator. For example, some refrigerators have a meat bin in the fridge.

That meat bin has separate temperature control from the rest of the unit because we know that meat needs to be kept at a much lower temperature than other items.

9. Moist Balance Crisper

Moisture can spoil your vegetables. If there is less moisture, then vegetables can be dried out. If there is more moisture, then vegetables can get completely spoiled.

Moist Balance Crisper
Moist Balance Crisper

So a proper balance of moisture is essential to keep vegetables fresh and cool. Some refrigerator models now come with a lattice-type cover that can absorb water.

Some model has a separate heater to take the moisture out. Some refrigerators are there that can spray certain gases to keep the moisture level optimum.

10. In-Built Water And Ice Cube Dispenser

If you buy a French-door refrigerator, look for a built-in water dispenser and ice cube dispenser option. With an inbuilt water dispenser, you don’t need to store water in bottles. Add water to the water dispenser bins, and you can get cold water almost instantly.

You also don’t need to open the door to get cold water. You can press the button that is on the outside of the door to get water.

Some models also come with the auto-fill option. What does that mean that the sensor can detect your glass size and fill only up to that much size? So no water spillage issue.

You may also need to look out for ice cube dispensing integration. With this facility, you can get ice with the press of a button on the door. Ideal for family gatherings and parties when you need ice cubes.

Ice Cube Dispenser
Ice Cube Dispenser

Please note that all models with auto water dispensing and ice cube dispensing facilities come with a water filter. So you will always get pure and healthy water.

You may also need to connect a hose of the refrigerator to the water outlet if you want to use tap water ( Don’t worry, tap water will also be filtered in the refrigerator)

11. Dual Evaporator / Twin Evaporator

Dual evaporator models are always good as you can control the temperature of the different zones of your refrigerator.

Those are more energy-efficient as you can turn off either the fridge or freezer at your convenience. Thus it saves electricity.

Twin Evaporator
Single vs twin evaporator

One of the other benefits is that if one of the evaporators is damaged, your machine may still run with the other evaporator. All convertible refrigerators come with a dual evaporator.

12. Toughened Glass Adjustable Shelve

Old refrigerators used to come with wire shelves, those were cheap but did the purpose. Modern refrigerators come with a toughened glass sleeve that can withstand temperatures up to 150°C.

Toughened glass shelves are impact-resistant too. What that means is that it may not break easily if it falls on the ground.

Height adjustable shelves
Height adjustable shelves

Most refrigerators nowadays come with adjustable height shelves. That means you can move the position of the shelves vertically to make certain compartments big or small as per our needs. You will get grooves at different heights to do this kind of adjustment.

13. Appearance And Finish

Those days are gone when we used to keep appliances for 10 years or more. Nowadays, people change refrigerators every 3-5 years. Appearance and finish play a major role in the purchase decision.

Usually, the exterior of refrigerators is all sheet metal. Some panels are painted, and some are bare-bone stainless steel. Stainless steel exterior models are expensive, but those look elegant too.

Recess Handle
Recess Handle

In terms of door design, there are two types of doors. One is the flat door, and the other is the bowed door. Flat door models are costly.

Coming to handle, there are different designs in the market. The consumer has to choose based on their preference.

However, some models do not have any handles at all. Those models have a recess in the door that works as a handle.

14. Wi-Fi Enabled Touch Screen Display

Well, a touchscreen display is a good to-have feature. Nowadays, we all are going digital. So having a digital touch screen does make sense. You can control everything through that display.

Samsung has a display as big as a TV on a few refrigerators. Those displays can connect to wi-fi, and you can use them as a small Android TV. However, these refrigerators are way too costly.

15. Better Illumination

All refrigerator comes with a cabin light that gets turned on whenever you open the refrigerator door. That’s a basic requirement. However old refrigerator uses a normal bulb that is not reliable, and the illumination is also not that great.

refrigerator lighting

So when you go buying a refrigerator, make sure you buy one with an LED cabin light. Those light looks cool too and offer better illumination.

refrigerator lighting

16. After Sales And Service

It would be best if you always look for reputed brands with a good reputation for sales service. After all, a refrigerator is a machine, and every machine can go bad.

Sometimes you may get a very cheap deal, but that particular brand may not offer good after-sales service. Then it’s of no use. Here is a couple of reputed refrigerator brands in India.

Best Refrigerator Brand In India

Numerous brands manufacture refrigerators in India. However, there are only a few brands that make good refrigerators and provide good after-sales service.


LG is a pioneer in the appliance industry. They always spend money on innovation, and most of their refrigerators come with one of the other new technologies.

In fact, they are the first company to introduce inverter compressors in washing machines. If you want to keep a refrigerator for a long time, LG is the brand you should go for.


No words for Samsung. They are the undisputed leader in the consumer electronics domain. Their models are equally innovative, too, but one thing that goes against them is the cost.

Samsung refrigerators are a bit more costly than other brands. But when you want the best you need to spend more. Right?


Haier is a Chinese brand with a good footfall in India in the appliance market. Although they were not making good products earlier after they bought GE Appliances a couple of years back, things started changing for them. In India, now they have a good portfolio of appliances with innovative features. The cost is reasonable too.


Whirlpool is the number one brand in the USA in the home appliances category, and in India also they are one of the major brands. The best part of the whirlpool is the cost. They offer the best refrigerators at a very cheap rate.

So if you want to buy a good refrigerator with no unnecessary bells and whistles, then Whirlpool is the brand for you.


Godrej is an Indian brand that has been making good appliances for many years. Although they have many products in their portfolio, they have a strong presence only in the air-conditioner and refrigerator market. Though they are an Indian brand, you will still hear complaints about their service.

Refrigerator Care And Maintenance

If you want to get better cooling efficiency and keep your refrigerator for a long time, you should follow some best while using your refrigerator.

How to improve the efficiency of refrigerators?

  • Never overload your refrigerator. Please follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on how much stuff you can keep in your refrigerator.
  • Always spare some space between items to allow air circulation.
  • Never block the vent outlet with any item. If you do so, your refrigerator won’t cool at all.
  • Always clean your refrigerator at frequent intervals.
  • Change refrigerant before every summer for efficient cooling.
  • Please use a power inverter if your refrigerator does not come with an inbuilt inverter.
  • Never put hot items inside your refrigerator. Let it cool down to normal temperature, and then put it into the refrigerator.
  • Always keep the refrigerator in a place where there is no direct sunlight.
  • Refrain from opening and closing the refrigerator door very frequently
  • Don’t keep your refrigerant next to the oven.
  • Keep some gaps all around the refrigerator for proper airflow.
  • Regularly inspect our door seal for any air leaks. If there is any leak, fix it immediately.

How to clean the refrigerator?

  • Always remove the power connection before cleaning.
  • Use mild soap and water solution for cleaning
  • Take out all the shelves before cleaning them so that you can clean them properly.
  • Make sure there is no water entering the vent
  • Do not soak or wash shelves in the dishwasher. Those are not dishwasher safe.
  • Do not try to open the evaporator cover for cleaning.
  • Do not use any abrasive material for cleaning.
  • Please do not use a soap that causes too much foam
  • After cleaning, please wipe off the surface with a dry cloth

Conclusion: Refrigerator Buying Guide

That’s all I have in this article. I hope you got enough information on different refrigerators, how refrigerators work, and what things you should consider before buying a refrigerator.

However, the requirements of every consumer are different. For me, some refrigerators may be the best, but at the same time, they may not be good for others. So always evaluate your requirements, and your budget before you buy a refrigerator.

If you have any questions about what refrigerator you should buy or are not sure about any new technology used in the refrigerator, please let me know in the comment section, and I will be happy to assist.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ) On Refrigerator Buying Guide

What capacity refrigerator I should buy?

Bachelor: Less than 200 liters
Small family: 200-250 liters
Medium Size Family: 250-400 Liters
Large Family: More Than 400 liters

What is the ideal temperature setting of a refrigerator

In the fridge, usually, we should keep it between 1-5 degrees Celsius. For the freezer, you can go from zero degrees to up to -10 degrees. But in the freezer, you can go beyond that range also if required.

Is it common to have moisture in the veg Pan?

Yes, it is very common. However, if your refrigerator comes with moisture-free technology and if you still see moisture, then it’s a concern.

Why the sides of my refrigerator is heating up?

This is very normal. All auto defrost refrigerator has a heating coil that melts the frost. When the heater is running, you may feel that the side panel of the refrigerator is heating up.

What configuration is better? Freezer at the Top or bottom?

Most of the refrigerator sold in India has a freezer at the top. However, if you are tall, then you may need to bend to access the fridge. This may be an issue for you. But for average-height people, a top freezer is excellent.

When should we change the refrigerant?

For average use, you should change your refrigerant every summer. However, you should follow your manufacturer’s recommendation

Can I run the refrigerator with my home power inverter?

It depends on the power rating of your inverter. If the inverter is capable of supplying enough power, then you can use it.

Typically a single-door and double-door refrigerator are fine with a normal household inverter.

Does fridge capacity have an impact on power consumption?

Yes, it has. If the refrigerator capacity is high, then it is expected to consume more electricity. However, if you buy a refrigerator with inverter Technology, you can save up to 40% on electricity.

How to know if my refrigerator is going bad?

There are a couple of symptoms that indicate that your refrigerator might be going bad and need servicing.

Not cooling properly.
Moisture build-up in the fridge
Frost build-up ( In auto-defrost refrigerator)
Water leaking
Frequent shutdown of compressor
Abnormal noise.

Why there is an abnormal sound from the back of the Refrigerator?

There could be two reasons. One is maybe your compressor has gone bad, or the air circulation fan has some issue.

What is an inverter compressor?

An inverter compressor is a variable-speed compressor that adjusts the speed based on the cooling load.

So inverter compressor does not shut down unless you switch off the power connection. Inverter compressor consumes 20-40% less electricity.

How to disinfect the refrigerator?

There are different chemicals available in the market to clean refrigerators.

However, you can mix vinegar with water and spray it inside the refrigerator. Keep it like that for some time, and then wipe it off with a clean towel.

How much space should I have behind the refrigerator?

A half feet space is enough for air circulation behind the refrigerator. More space is better.

Do I still need a stabilizer for refrigerators?

Yes, if you buy very low-cost single-door refrigerators, you will need a stabilizer. However, most refrigerator nowadays comes with an inbuilt stabilizer.

Why does frost form in my refrigerator?

The reason could be that the heater for defrosting has gone bad. Or the temperature setting in your freezer is too low. Or there are chances that your drain pipe is clogged.

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