Top 5 Best Side By Side Refrigerators In India: Side By Side Fridge [March 2023]

Buying a refrigerator is no longer a big deal. It’s become a pretty common household appliance nowadays. And, if you are planning to bring a Side By Side Refrigerator to your home, this article is for you. 

No doubt, Single and Double Door Refrigerators are still preferred by many people, as those are cheap and fulfill your cooling requirement, especially if you have a small family.

What if you have a joint family or a family having 5 + members? Even a double-door refrigerator can not solve the purpose. That is why having a side-by-side refrigerator is important.

If you go to the market, you will see many brands with different features, technologies, and so many things. Trust me, it will not be easy for you to pick the best option on your own.

That is why we come up here with a list of the 5 Best Side By Side Refrigerators. We have covered every aspect with a thorough review of each side-by-side fridge in this article.

Please note that this list of Top 5 Best Side By Side Refrigerator In India is compiled from our extensive research, user reviews, feedback, technical expertise, and considering the price to feature ratio. The list is completely unbiased without any influence from any brand or any monetary benefit.
If you are buying your first Refrigerator or you are not much sure about the different types and technologies used in the Best Refrigerator in India, then I would suggest you please read the Best Refrigerator In India Buying Guide
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Best Side By Side Refrigerators [ At A Glance]

best side by side refrigerator 1

SAMSUNG Side By Side Refrigerator with SpaceMax™ Technology 676 Liters

best side by side refrigerator 2

LG 687 L Frost Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator 687 liters

best side by side refrigerator 3

LG 594 L Inverter Frost-Free Side-By-Side Refrigerator 594 liters

best side by side refrigerator 4

Haier 565 L Inverter Frost-Free Side-By-Side Refrigerator 565 liters

best side by side refrigerator 5

Panasonic 584 L Inverter Frost-Free Side by Side Refrigerator 584 liters

1. SAMSUNG Side By Side Refrigerator with SpaceMax™ Technology

Best Side By Side Refrigerators In India

Key Specification

Capacity676 Liters
Shelve MaterialToughened Glass
External Water Dispenser?Yes
Special FeatureDigital Inverter Technology, All-Around Cooling, Deodorizing Filter

Key Features

Digital Inverter Technology

This Samsung Side By Side Refrigerator comes with Digital Inverter Technology. It helps in adjusting the compressor speed based on the cooling demand, thus saving power.

This compressor produces less noise too. The wear and tear also are very minimum in this compressor.

All-around Cooling

This side-by-side fridge offers an All-around cooling feature. Now, you won’t have to worry about the freshness of your food items, as it distributes even cooling to each compartment by continually checking the temperature and circulating the cool air through multiple vents. Thereby, it ensures your food stays fresh for longer.

Power Cool & Freeze

With the power cool feature, this side-by-side refrigerator can cool items up to 30% faster. That also does not compromise on the freshness of the food.

Ice Maker

If you want to have more ice cubes in a short period, this Samsung Side by Side refrigerator is the best for you, as this machine has a fast ice maker. It also has a twist mechanism for easy dispensing of ice.

Deodorizing Filter

It offers a Deodorizing filter, which keeps the environment inside of the refrigerator ventilated. It conserves the original flavor of your food for longer.

You will not have to worry about having odor-fighting solutions, as its inbuilt natural Deodorizing filters abolish the foul smells from it and maintains a fresh and deodorized environment in your fridge.

Interior LED Light

This Samsung Side by side refrigerator comes with very bright interior LED Lights. With it, you can find your food and can place it easily and effectively. It takes less power and illuminates the light brilliantly to every corner of your fridge.

 Door Alarm

You will be offered a door alarm feature in this side-by-side refrigerator. Now, No need to take hassles about closing the door.

Suppose the door is not shut properly for more than two minutes, the audible alarm will give you a signal to close the door to minimize the loss of cool air and wastage of electricity.

Recess Type Handle

The Recess type handle gives you a touch of elegance and adds more decor to the interior of your kitchen.


  • Comes with Digital Inverter Technology
  • Deodorizing Filters
  • 30% Faster cooling
  • Easy-to-use ice and water dispenser
  • All around cooling
  • Interior LED lights


  • The door panel thickness is very less. So there are chances of dents very easily.

2. LG 687 L Frost Free Side By Side Refrigerator

Best Side By Side Refrigerators In India

Key Specification

Capacity687 Liters
Shelve MaterialToughened Glass
External Water Dispenser?No
Special FeatureInverter Linear Compressor, Multi Digital Sensors

Key Features

Inverter Linear Compressor

Similar to the Samsung Side Side Refrigerator, this one also comes with inverter technology. It saves up to 51 % of energy and reduces noise by up to 25%. So you will have a low power bill and an almost free kitchen too.

Hygiene Fresh+

LG’s best side-by-side fridge is designed with 5 steps of anti-bacterial deodorization. The natural filters expel the bacteria up to 99.9%, turning the bad smell into fresh and purified air that maintains a deodorized environment in your refrigerator. 

Multi Digital Sensors

It comes with Multi Digital Sensors. It senses and responds to warm food and opens doors instantly to maintain the interior temperature of your refrigerator optimal.

Multi Air Flow Cooling

Multiple cooling air vents that are inbuilt in this side-by-side refrigerator distribute the cool air evenly to every corner of your fridge, ensuring proper cooling.


Now you can control your fridge functions from anywhere using the SmartThinQ app installed on your smartphone and connect to your LG refrigerator.

Smart Diagnosis

This side by side refrigerator has a smart diagnosis system. In case you face some problems with your refrigerator. You can diagnose and solve them quickly and easily with this app.

Fresh Balancer

Another amazing feature is the fresh balancer you will get in this refrigerator. It keeps the humidity levels optimized which helps your refrigerator to keep vegetables and fruits fresh for a longer time.


  • Inverter Linear Compressor
  • Hygiene Fresh + Technology
  • Gives you a lot more spacing
  • Fresh Balancer keeps the humidity level optimized
  • All around cooling
  • Interior LED lights


  • Doors get dented very easily
  • No external water dispenser
  • A bit expensive

3. LG 594 L Inverter Frost-Free Side By Side Refrigerator

Best Side By Side Refrigerators In India

Key Specification

Capacity594 Liters
Shelve MaterialToughened Glass
External Water Dispenser?No
Special FeatureDoor Cooling + technology, LG Thin Q app, Express Freezing

Key Features

5-Step Anti-Bacterial Deodorization 

This side-by-side refrigerator comes with a 5-step anti-bacterial deodorization filter. It abolishes all the bacteria from your fridge and keeps it hygiene.

Deodorizers used in it preserve your food flavor and ensure your refrigerator’s environment is fresh and purified. 

Express Freezing

Another excellent feature, Express freezing you will get in this side-by-side refrigerator. Now, you won’t have to worry about freezing your edibles.

The express freeze option freezes the food items at a very fast rate, enhancing the overall performance of your refrigerator.

Door Cooling + Technology

The Door Cooling + feature gives a constant airflow to the front of the fridge, ensuring the door section gets enhanced cooling.

Multi Air Flow Cooling

The Multi Airflow Cooling feature of this refrigerator is something we can’t ignore. It has multiple cooling air vents that enhance the performance level of this machine by circulating quality cool air to every section of the side-by-side door refrigerator.


  • Comes with 5 step Anti-bacterial Technology
  • Door Cooling + Technology
  • Moist Balance Crisper


  • Pathetic LG services
  • Very pricy

4. Haier 565 L Inverter Frost-Free Side By Side Refrigerator

Best Side By Side Refrigerators In India

Key Specification

Capacity565 Liters
Shelve MaterialToughened Glass
External Water Dispenser?No
Special FeatureTwin Inverter Technology, One-Touch Digital Display, Noise Control

Key Features

Twin Inverter Technology

This side-by-side refrigerator is incorporated with an advanced Twin Inverter Technology to reduce the noise, voltage fluctuations, and energy consumption.

The twin inverter keeps the fan motor, and the fridge’s compressor runs efficiently from a Direct current source.

SlimLine SBS Refrigerator

If we talk about the look, This new highly efficient fridge from Haier is slim enough to fit into any modular kitchen. Because of its slimmest structure and eye-catching design, it adds extra charm to your kitchen interior.

 Best Fridge-Freezer Ratio

The Best Fridge-Freezer ratio of this side-by-side door refrigerator makes it the stand-out option among all other leading brands.

Designed smartly in a way that will cater to all your needs. With the best fridge-freezer ratio, you can conveniently store everything you need as both the fridge and the freezer has almost an equal amount of space.

Smart Holiday Function

This side by side door refrigerator is equipped with a smart holiday function. It stabilizes the temperature of the fridge, even if you are not at home.

Super Cool & Super Freeze

The Super cool and super freeze is another amazing feature that you will get in this fridge. With just one touch, the refrigerator gives cooling to any of your food items.

Less Power Consumption

With a highly efficient smart sensor you will get in this Side by Side Refrigerator, you can use it freely without worrying about electrical bills. Its compressor is efficient enough to reduce power consumption.

90⁰ Door Opening

Now no need to take hassles about opening the door. You can open it at your ease, as it gives a 90-degree door opening feature. You can store and take out your food while doing other kitchen chores.   

Noise Control Technology

All thanks to the Noise control technology of this side-by-side refrigerator that gives you an almost noiseless operation.


  • Twin Inverter Technology
  • Noise control Technology
  • 90 Degree Door Opening Feature
  • Smart Holiday Function


  • Installation issues
  • No external water dispenser

5. Panasonic 584 L Inverter Frost-Free Side by Side Refrigerator

Best Side By Side Refrigerators In India

Key Specification

Capacity584 Liters
Shelve MaterialToughened Glass
External Water Dispenser?No
Special FeatureDouble Vegetable Case, Triple Twist Ice Tray, Quick Freezer Mode

Key Features

Advanced Cooling with Intelligent INVERTER Control

This fridge is equipped with an advanced cooling feature with an intelligent inverter for proper functioning.

The Inverter compressor provides gentle power to the fridge to use to attain great performance. Minimizes fluctuations, noises, power cooling, etc.  

Double Vegetable Box

You should thank the double vegetable box feature of this side-by-side door refrigerator. The box includes two compartments. One is 23L, and the second is 12L, giving you more space to store any food items.

 Triple Twist Ice Tray

You can store more Ice on this refrigerator with the Triple Twist Ice Tray. It is equipped with an Ice storage box and twist mechanism, ensuring easy storage and dispensing.

Vacation Mode

Without a worry, you can travel now, as this side-by-side fridge comes with a vacation mode. This mode switches off the fridge section and the freezer section, which saves energy consumption.

Full-Length Bar Handle

In this side by side refrigerator, you will get a clean and streamlined look handle that complements any exterior.

 Interior Energy Saving LED Lighting

Now, no more struggle to take out the food items from your fridge. The LED lights fitted on it illuminate the interiors of the refrigerator so that you can find out your food items effectively.

Stainless Steel Finish

This is one of the best side-by-side refrigerators in India and comes with a Stainless Steel finish on Door & Handle. This finish gives a premium look to it and you can easily wipe and clean it.


  • Stainless steel finish
  • Inverter motor
  • The triple-twist ice tray
  • Double vegetable box
  • Quick freeze mode
  • Vacation mode
  • LCD display


  • Bad Customer Services
  • No ice and water dispenser

Conclusion: Best Side By Side Refrigerators

That’s all we have in this article. After reading the buying guide and reviews of the 5 Best Side by Side Refrigerators, I believe you are informed enough to choose the best side-by-side refrigerator for your family.

As I said earlier, if you have a joint family, then a side-by-side refrigerator is for you. Many people buy two small refrigerators instead of buying a side-by-side refrigerator. Personally, I feel that this is a wrong move as it will consume more energy.

If you still have questions or queries or if you are stuck on which side-by-side refrigerator to buy, don’t hesitate to write your concern here, and we will be happy to assist.

Best Side By Side Refrigerator- Quick Buying Guide

Although we have discussed various technologies used in refrigerators and how to choose the best refrigerator in the article mentioned in the above link, if you want to know more about specific to the side by side refrigerators then you should read this.

What is side by side refrigerator?

Traditionally, in refrigerators, freezers are placed at the top or the bottom of the refrigerator. In the side-by-side refrigerators, the freezer is placed at the side.

There are typically two side-by-side doors. Most side-by-side refrigerators come with an external ice and water dispenser system.

The space ratio between the freezer and fridge is different in different side-by-side refrigerators. Typically all side-by-side refrigerators come with the latest technologies, and those are costly too.

That is why, if you feel that you really need a big fridge, then only buy a side-by-side refrigerator.

Is side by side refrigerator for you?

Yes, if you have a big family. Because you can store more food items in a side by side refrigerators. Here is the chart showing different types of refrigerators based on the requirements and family size

refrigerator capacity and family size

Important specifications to look for when buying a side by side refrigerator

Side by side refrigerators is costly. People buy this type of big refrigerator for long-term investment. That is why we should double-check each key specification before zero-in on any specific side-by-side refrigerator.


We all know that the capacity of a refrigerator is defined by liters, which means how many liters of liquid the refrigerator compartment can take.

Typically side by side refrigerators comes with a minimum of 500 liters capacity and goes all the way up to 1000 liters. Which capacity is good for you depends on your family size.

Compressor Type

Since side by side refrigerator is a premium product, so you can expect an inverter compressor.

Inverter compressor helps to reduce power consumption by optimizing the speed of the compressor motor.

The inverter compressor uses different sensors to sense the cooling load and, based on that, adjust the compressor speed. Unlike other compressors that get power on and off based on the load, the inverter compressor adjusts the compressor speed and saves more power.

Dual Evaporator

A dual evaporator helps in efficient cooling compared to a single evaporator, it uses two different evaporators for the fridge and freezer. You can control the cooling for both the fridge and freezer separately.

Features to look for in a side by side refrigerator

Here are a couple of key features that you should look for when you buy a refrigerator. Out of that, a few features are must-have features, and other features are good to have features.

1. Multi Air Flow Cooling

Instead of single or dual vents in traditional refrigerators, most side-by-side refrigerators come with multiple vents in the cabinet. Even some refrigerators come with vents in the door. So even doors get efficient cooling.

2. Larger Freezer space

Generally, most side-by-side refrigerators come with an 80:20 space ratio between fridge and freezer.

Some models come in a 70:30 ratio also. If you feel that you have more meat or frozen items to store, then go for a side-by-side fridge with a more fridge-to-freezer space ratio.

3. External water and ice dispenser

When you spend more than Rs 100K, you can expect the side-by-side fridge to have external water and an ice dispenser.

With an external dispenser, you don’t need to open the door to get cold water. Even you can get ice cubes without opening the door.

4. Quick cool feature

This is a premium feature that you can expect from a premium side-by-side refrigerator. This helps in cooling your food items in a short period of time. So your food remains fresh and cool

5. Temperature-controlled storage

Traditional refrigerators come with shelves and a few drawers to store vegetables, meat, or fruits. But do you know that each type of food item needs a different temperature to store?

That is why separate temperature-controlled drawers are essential so that you can control the temperature based on the type of food.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) On Best Side By Side Refrigerator

Which side by side refrigerator is best in India

Which is the best side-by-side refrigerator in India is purely depends on your requirements. The 5 best side-by-side refrigerators mentioned in this article are the best based on our extensive research.

Which brand has the best side by side refrigerator in India

Although many brands manufacture side-by-side refrigerators in India, Samsung and LG make awesome side-by-side refrigerators in terms of design, performance, and reliability.

Is side by side fridge good?

If you have a joint family or a family having 5+ members then side by side fridge is good as you can store more foods in the side by side fridge

Which fridge is good, side by side or double door?

Side by side fridge has more space than a double door. Most of the side-by-side refrigerators come with external water and an ice dispenser which is a plus. So yes, side by side fridge makes more sense.

How to choose a side by side refrigerator?

Here are the key features that you should look for when buying a side-by-side refrigerator.

Multi airflow system
External water and ice dispenser
Inverter compressor
Quick cool feature
Larger freezers
Separate bins for fresh food, milk, and meat
Inbuilt stabilizer



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