What Is A Convertible AC? Converter AC Vs Inverter AC

Inverter ACs are making a lot of buzz and so does the converter ACs. Although both serve the same purpose, the working principle is different.

Both save energy. Inverter ACs do that by controlling the compressor speed and Convertible ACs do that by varying the cooling tonnage. But at the end of the day, both technology was developed to control the power consumption.

Let’s learn more about Convertible AC technology here in this article and see how it is different from Inverter AC’s.

What Is A Convertible AC?

You might have heard about Convertible Refrigerators that convert the freezer space to fresh food space and vice versa. Right?

The logic of Convertible AC is completely different. It varies the cooling capacity based on the heat load.

For example, if you bought a 1.5 ton normal AC and set the temperature to 18°C or 28°C, it will always run at 1.5 ton load. However in the case of Convertible AC, the AC load can be anything like 1 ton, .8 ton based on the total heat load.

Here the total heat load means the amount of heat your AC is removing. For example, in a room if there are 10 people, there will be more heat load than if you have two people in the room.

So basically in Convertible AC’s, the cooling capacity changes based on the heat load. You can set that manually or the AC will do it automatically. This way, it will consume less power as you are not using the AC at its full potential.

You may see 4 in 1 Convertible AC or 5 in 1 convertible ACs in the market. What that means is that there are 4 or 5 different modes to control the cooling capacity of the AC based on your requirement.

Often the settings are in percentage. This means you can select 80% or 60% or 40% cooling capacity when you select different modes. The mode to percentage cooling capacity varies based on the brand and model.

convertible AC

How Convertible AC Is Different Than Inverter AC?

Inverter AC saves power. But convertible AC saves more power on top of inverter AC’s . Let me explain that to you.

In the case of inverter AC, it can control the compressor speed based on what temperature currently the room has. For example, if you set the temperature to 18°C, the compressor may run at full speed initially but slowly settle down to a lower speed when the temperature reaches its threshold.

But the inverter compressor has nothing to do with the cooling capacity of the AC and it can not control it. However, a Convertible AC can control the cooling capacity but can not control the compressor speed.

Although both are aiming to save power, but works in different way. A Convertible AC can not work without an inverter compressor, however, an inverter AC may not have a convertible function always.

Here is a chart showing the head on comparison between Convertible AC and Inverter AC.

Convertible ACInverter AC
Control the cooling loadControl the compressor speed
All convertible AC is an Inverter ACAll inverter AC may not be a convertible AC
Saves more power on top of what inverter AC savesCan save up to 40% power
Manual or automatic control is possibleNo manual control
Relatively costlier than Inverter ACRelatively costlier than non-inverter AC
Inverter AC Vs Non Inverter AC

Advantages Of Convertible AC

Here are some of the benefits of having a convertible AC. Although the benefits are not much compared to an Inverter AC but when you compare with a non inverter AC, there is huge difference.

More Energy Saving

Convertible AC’s may not run at full capacity all the time. Depending on the heat load, it may run at 40%, 60% or 80% load. So basically even if you buy a 1.5 ton AC, you might be using it as 1 ton or .5 ton AC. That saves a lot of power.

Less Wear And Tear

Since convertible AC’s run at reduced capacity, there are less load on all moving parts. Less load means less wear and tear. This also attributes to quieter operation than normal AC’s.

Better Comfort

The varying cooling capacity play a big role in controlling the humidity level of the room and thus attributes to better comfort than any normal AC. You will never feel too cold or too hot as the AC will adjust the cooling automatically.

Conclusion: Is It Worth To Buy A Convertible Air Conditioner?

Except for the high price, there is no issue in owning a convertible AC. If you compare with Inverter AC, there may not be a huge saving in electricity as the inverter AC’s already save a lot of power. However, compare to normal AC’s the energy saving difference is huge.

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