What Is Cradle Wash In IFB Washing Machines?

Delicate clothes need special care like how a cradle cares for a baby. You can not wash your strained dirty jeans with your baby’s trousers.

Washing machines are smart nowadays and they have solutions to every problem that you face while washing clothes.

That’s how Cradle wash was invented. We will learn more about the Cradle Wash In IFB Washing Machines here in this article.

What Is Cradle Wash In IFB Washing Machine

Cradle Wash is nothing but an IFB trade name for a delicate wash program available in other washing machines.

Cradle Wash In IFB Washing Machine

The Cradle Wash feature is available in almost all IFB front-load washing machines. It cradles clothes like how a cradle cares for a baby.

If you activate the cradle wash function, you can not load the washing machine up to its full load. For example, you should only load 2-2.5 kg load in a 6 kg washing machine. This is to ensure that there is no excessive friction between clothes. Ideally, 4-5 baby clothes are more than enough in cradle wash.

How Does Cradle Wash Work?

For Cradle Wash to work, you need to dump 4-5 clothes max and then fill the tub fully. Please make sure that the clothes are submerged in the water fully. Then the drum starts tumbling at a very slow speed, generally 30-50 RPM.

Due to this tumbling motion, water gets penetrated into the fabric gently and cleans the dirt. Please remember that Cradle wash is useless if the clothes are super dirty.

Once the wash cycle is over, the drum rotates at around 400-600 RPM in the spinning cycle to extract the water from the clothes. Obviously, you can not expect all water to be extracted at that drum speed.

Unlike a full wash cycle that takes more than an hour, Cradle Wash can wash your clothes in merely 45 minutes.

Benefits Of Cradle Wash In IFB Washing Machine

Cradle wash brings a lot of benefits especially if you are dealing with delicate clothes.

Ideal For Delicate Clothes

You no longer need to worry about clothes getting damaged as the Cradle Wash function will wash your clothes without much heat and almost no mechanical friction. The slow drum speed also helps to protect clothes.

Washes Clothes Better

Since you are just washing 4-5 clothes per cycle, you can expect a better wash rather than dumping a full load of clothes. Water and detergent can penetrate better since you are dealing with a few clothes.

Saves Energy

In Cradle Wash, you don’t need too much heat to wash clothes. Cradle wash works even at 15°C. Less heat means, less power consumption. As simple as that.

Conclusion: Cradle Wash In IFB Washing Machines

Definitely, Cradle wash is a nice feature to have if you are mostly dealing with delicate clothes. However, this feature is of no use for your day-to-day laundry. You will end up running your washing machine multiple times a week if you want to use the cradle wash feature.

Please don’t get confused by the term “Cradle Wash” as almost all washing machine offers this kind of feature for delicate clothes. Although they may not market the feature like how IFB did.

FAQ: Cradle Wash In IFB Washing Machines

What Is Cradle Wash?

Cradle Wash is a special wash program in IFB washing machines that washes delicate clothes gently by using less heat and less mechanical motion.

What Is The RPM Of Cradle Wash?

The RPM of the drum varies from 35-50 RPM in the Cradle Wash function.

What Is The Use Of Cradle Wash In IFB Washing Machine?

If you are planning to wash more delicate clothes then the Cradle wash feature in the IFB washing machine is useful. Because in cradle wash, clothes won’t be damaged due to less heat and less mechanical friction.

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