Difference Between 2KW And 3KW Geyser

One of the major things that we mostly ignore while buying a water heater is the power rating of the heating element. However, the power rating of the heating element plays a big role in deciding how much power that water heater will consume.

As a thumb rule, we know that a high power rating heating element means more power consumption. It’s true. But when you check carefully you might see different data based on different use cases.

So in this article, we will see the Difference Between 2KW And 3KW Geyser and find out which one is more energy efficient.

Why we have chosen 2KW and 3KW?

That’s because most water heaters are available with these power-rated heating elements.

Difference Between 2KW And 3KW Geyser

To understand the difference between 2KW and 3KW Geyser we first need to understand what is meant by 2KW or 3 KW

2KW or 2KWh means that the heating element will consume 2 units of electricity per hour. On the other hand 3KW heating element will consume 3 units per hour. So ideally, a 3KW heating element is consuming more power per hour.

Please remember that a 2 KW heating element will generate less heat than a 3 KW element and thus take more time to heat water.

Difference Between 2KW And 3KW Geyser

Now let’s take a real-life example. A 2KW heating element takes about 20 minutes to heat 15 liters of water (The time may slightly vary based on the water temperature difference). So a 2KW heating element can heat 45 liters of water in one hour.

On the other hand, a 3KW heating element can heat 15 liters of water in just 15 minutes. So in one hour, it can heat 60 liters of water.

Now, if you look carefully you will notice that a 3 KW geyser is consuming more power but you are getting more hot water too. So ultimately a 3KW geyser is more economical if you have more people using hot water at a time. For small families, a 2KW heating makes more economic sense.

Conclusion: Difference Between 2KW And 3KW Geyser

If you have a small family of less than 4 members then a 2KW geyser will be more economical considering that not all four members will use the hot water at a time.

On the other hand, for big families, a 3KW geyser makes more sense as you will be getting more water by sacrificing a few units of electricity.

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