What Is Door In Door Refrigerator?

Door In Door Refrigerator is the latest trend in the refrigeration domain. Although these refrigerators are very popular in Western countries, India still has some time to get a taste of them.

Door In Door refrigerators are priced similarly to French Door Refrigerators or sometimes a little more but come with so many benefits. So let’s discuss about Door In Door Refrigerators here in this article and find out why there is so much hype about them.

If you want to learn more about different types of refrigerators, then I would suggest you to read the Refrigerator Buying Guide and then come back to this article.

What Is Door In Door Refrigerator?

Door In Door Refrigerator means door inside a door. This is a French door refrigerator but the right side fresh food door is split into two different doors.

This feature was introduced by LG but later adapted by companies like Samsung, GE, Whirlpool, and others.

Sounds confusing? Let’s look into the below picture.

door in door refrigerator

As you can see from the above picture there are two doors on the right side. One is the outer door and the other one is the inside door frame.

The outer door has some shelves and the inner frame also has some shelves. Commonly used items like milk, cold drinks, and other similar items are kept here for easy access.

The beauty of Door In Door refrigerator is that, you don’t have to open the complete refrigerator door to get access to your day-to-day items. All you need to do is to open the outside door and get all your items. Since the door is not opened completely, that saves a lot of power.

Except for the right side door, the design and configuration of the left side door and the freezer door are the same as any other French door refrigerator.

How To Operate Door In Door Refrigerator

Unlike a French door refrigerator, where you need to simply pull the handle to open the door, the door-in-door refrigerator has a latch on the handle that you need to press to open the outside door.

If you do not press the latch, the complete door ( Outer door + Inner frame) will open which does not solve the purpose of owning a door in door refrigerator.

Both the outer door and the frame have their hinges to operate. Apart from the latch mechanism, everything remains the same like any other French door refrigerator.

Benefits Of Door In Door Refrigerators

The main benefit of door-in-door refrigerators is energy saving. On average, a consumer opens the refrigerator door 20 times a day. In door in door refrigerator, they need to open the door 5-7 times a day.

We all know that, whenever we open the refrigerator door, hot air goes inside and the refrigerator has to do extra work to bring the temperatures down.

This extra work causes more power consumption. Since in Door In Door refrigerator, you don’t have to open the refrigerator door frequently, you are saving on power.

The other key benefit is the convenience. Consumers get easy access to daily used items without even opening the refrigerator door. Although that is not a deal breaker, consumers prefer products where they have to put less effort, no matter how small or big that effort is.

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