Electric Car Battery Replacement Cost In India

One of the main concerns for people to shift to EVs is the replacement battery cost. On average, it costs close to 50% of the vehicle cost on top of the extra premium that they pay towards buying an electrical vehicle.

In the long term, an EV user will lose more money than he saved on the fuel cost. Until the battery cost is down to a reasonable range, it is next to impossible for people to shift to EVs.

Many prospective EV buyer has one question in mind about the Electric Car Battery Replacement Cost In India. The Internet is full of fake data on this and even the manufacturers are not revealing that.

So, consumers are forced to make an assumption and buy the electric vehicle without considering the Electric Car Battery Replacement Cost.

In this article, we will try to give you insights about Electric Car Battery Replacement Cost which might be more or less correct because the data was derived from actual consumer spending across the world.

Before that, we need to understand the factors that are driving the Electric Car Battery Replacement Cost.

Electric Car Battery Replacement Cost In India

Factors Affecting Electric Car Battery Replacement Cost

When it comes to electric car ownership, one of the major concerns for potential buyers is the cost of battery replacement. The cost of replacing an electric car battery can vary depending on several factors. Understanding these factors can help you make an informed decision when considering the purchase of an electric vehicle.

Battery Type and Size

The type and size of the battery in an electric car play a significant role in determining the replacement cost. Larger batteries with higher capacity will naturally cost more to replace than smaller ones. Additionally, advancements in battery technology can also impact the cost, as newer and more efficient batteries may come with a higher price tag.

Brand and Model of the Electric Car

Different electric car manufacturers use different battery technologies, and the cost of replacement can vary between brands and models. Some manufacturers may have proprietary battery technology, which can make replacements more expensive due to limited availability and specialized expertise required for installation.

Warranty Coverage

The warranty that comes with the electric car’s battery can have a significant impact on replacement costs. Some warranties may cover the cost of battery replacement for a certain period or up to a certain mileage. Understanding the terms of the warranty is crucial, as it can potentially save you a substantial amount of money in the event of battery failure.

Most cars sold in India come with 8 years or 160K KM battery coverage. This means, up to 8 years you don’t have to worry. However, you need to look for battery degradation coverage also. Some manufacturers claim to replace the battery if the battery degrades more than 30% in 5 years.

The Driving Condition

If you are driving your vehicle in a region where it is too hot and humid, the battery may degrade faster. In that case, you may need to replace the battery sooner than before.

Temperature affects the Lithium Ion battery life badly. So unless you are not exposing your battery to high temperatures, you don’t have much to worry about.

Average Cost of Electric Car Battery Replacement

The average cost of replacing an electric car battery can range widely depending on the factors mentioned above. On average, the cost of battery replacement for electric cars can range from ₹15000 to ₹20000 per kWh. However, this cost can be higher for luxury electric vehicles with larger and more advanced battery systems.

For example, if you want to replace the Tata Nexon Battery that comes with a 40 kWh battery, you may need to shell out a minimum ₹15000X40= ₹600000. On top of that, you also need to pay for labor fees and taxes which will vary between 1-2 lacs.

So it’s about 7-8 lacs that you need if you want to change the Tata Nexon battery in 2023 which is more than 50% of the vehicle cost.

Battery cost is coming down drastically and we are expecting it to touch around ₹10K per kWh in the next two years timeframe. More manufacturers are into battery manufacturing and lithium-ion exploration is in full swing.

Additional Costs to Consider

In addition to the cost of the battery itself, there are other expenses to consider when replacing an electric car battery. These may include labor costs for installation, diagnostic fees, and potential costs for disposing of the old battery in an environmentally friendly manner. On average it will be around 1-2 lacs per car.

Cost Savings and Incentives

Some electric car manufacturers and dealerships may offer incentives or discounts for battery replacement, especially for vehicles still under warranty. Additionally, there may be government incentives or rebates available for electric car owners, which can help offset the cost of battery replacement.

Tips for Managing Electric Car Battery Replacement Cost

Regular Maintenance and Care

Proper maintenance and care of the electric car battery can help prolong its lifespan and reduce the likelihood of premature failure. Following manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedules and avoiding extreme temperatures can contribute to the longevity of the battery.

Utilizing Warranty Coverage

If the electric car is still under warranty, it’s essential to take advantage of any coverage for battery replacement. Understanding the terms and conditions of the warranty and adhering to maintenance requirements can help ensure that any potential battery issues are addressed within the warranty period.

Researching and Comparing Prices

Before committing to a battery replacement, it’s advisable to research and compare prices from different sources. This may include reaching out to authorized dealerships, independent mechanics, or specialized electric car service centers to find the best deal for battery replacement.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts: EV Battery Replacement Cost

The cost of electric car battery replacement is a significant consideration for prospective electric car owners. Understanding the factors that influence replacement costs, researching average costs for specific models, and exploring cost-saving opportunities can help mitigate the financial impact of battery replacement. With proper maintenance and utilization of warranty coverage, electric car owners can effectively manage and plan for potential battery replacement costs.

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