LG Twin Wash Technology In Washing Machines

Think about a situation when you need to wash very badly soiled clothes as well as some delicate clothes together as you have only one washing machine.

What you will do?

You will end up dumping everything in a single wash cycle. The result is, that either you will get a very good wash or your delicate clothes will be damaged.

Do you want that?

If not, let’s move on and explore one of the finest new technologies in washing machines called Twin Wash. Twin Wash is developed by LG, so sometimes it is called LG Twin Wash too.

Let’s explore more about LG twin wash here in this article. Please remember that none of the washing machines in India offer the Twin Wash feature currently. But it is wise to know what is happening globally in the washing machine arena.

What Is LG Twin Wash?

LG Twin Wash is LG’s answer to washing two different types of loads at once in a single washing machine. It is two washing machines integrated into a single washing machine.

The main washing machine will sit at the top and will bear the daily gigantic load of clothes whereas the tiny washing machine ( Also called SideKick) will be right below the main washing machine.

LG Twin Wash_LG Twin Wash Vs Samsung Flex Wash Washer

Both are integrated into one unit and you will never notice that there are two different types of washing going on.

Both have their own wash cycle, water line, dispenser line, and other stuff. They don’t share anything except the fact that they are integrated into one unit.

So in one word, LG twin wash is basically a single washing machine with two washers. Samsung has a similar technology called FlexWash.

The main unit will be a front loader whereas the secondary unit will be a top loader. That brings the convenience of both washing machine types.

Typically the capacity of the secondary unit is almost 10-12% of the main unit. For example, if the main unit capacity is 7-8 cu-ft., the secondary unit capacity would be around 1 cu-ft.

Benefits Of LG Twin Wash Technology

Here are some of the benefits of LG Twin Wash Technology that made LG washing machines a lucrative appliance to buy.

More Efficiency

In LG Twin Wash, You are washing two different sets of clothes in a single washing machine. If not, you would have used two different cycles. That would have consumed more water, more power, and more detergent.

Also, now you have a provision to wash your regular clothes and delicate clothes separately. That will ensure that you get a better wash for both types of clothes.

Since you have two different settings for two different types of washing machines, you get the best washing performance from both machines. Ultimately, that improves the overall efficiency of the unit.

Front Loader And Top Loader Together

Now you can enjoy the benefit of both types of washing machines in a single washing machine. The main unit is a front loader whereas the secondary unit is a top loader.

Those who have problems with front load washers due to ergonomic concerns, now enjoy the benefit of a top load washer without sacrificing the benefits of a front load washer.

Your Laundry Gets Done Faster

Who can forget the pain of washing gigantic loads of clothes every weekend? For many, they have to sacrifice their precious weekend for laundry.

With Twin Wash, you will reduce that time by up to 50% as you are washing two different sets of clothes in a single wash. You will also get a better wash, so you don’t have to re-wash your clothes again.

Better Resource Consumption

Twin wash-enabled washing machines will consume more power. But think of it in a different way. You are running two different wash cycles in a single machine.

This means, with twin wash, you are using the washing machine for 50% less time than before. That will save your power and water consumption for sure.

Conclusion: LG Twin Wash Technology

The twin wash technology could be a blessing for people who want to avoid the weekend washing chores but may not be a wise option if you are doing casual laundry.

Twin wash is all about more efficiency, saving more time, and most importantly more convenience. Does that justify the premium you pay for it? Well, it purely depends on your requirements and how much is your wash load.

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