Benefits Of Modern Air Coolers

If you live in an area that experiences a lot of humidity, air coolers have traditionally been the better option. During the hottest months of the year, evaporation or desert coolers became the top option for consumers because of their low cost and ability to circulate fresh air.

Modern air coolers have taken the place of their more archaic ancestors thanks to technological advancements, but their basic operation has stayed the same.

So in this article, we will figure out the differentiation features of Modern Air Coolers and those that are different from desert air coolers.

Benefits Of Modern Air Coolers

Here are some of the key benefits of modern air coolers over traditional desert air coolers.

modern air coolers


Because of their size and volume, traditional desert coolers, which can hold up to 60 liters of water, have to be placed near a window.

Desert coolers, unlike current air coolers, were not portable and needed either a stand or an amount to be placed to function. For medium to large-sized rooms, desert coolers, also known as outdoor coolers, are ideal.

Modern air coolers are portable and small in size and you can place them anywhere in the room. The only factor you have to consider is that the room has enough air inflow.

Castor wheels are now standard on most modern air conditioning systems, making it much easier to move the cooler around.

Cooling Pad

Cooling pads, wood shavings, and synthetic fibers were common cooling materials in traditional desert coolers. These cooling pads were inefficient because of their limited water retention capacity and high maintenance requirements, which resulted in a lot of water use.

In addition, the cooling pads manufactured from aspen wood were quite delicate, and they were frequently broken during the process of assembling them.

Modern air-cooling systems, on the other hand, make use of water-retentive cooling pads such as cellulose and eco-cool.

As a result, the cooler operates at a higher temperature because of the improved evaporation. Unlike aspen wood, these materials last for a long time without needing to be replaced or repaired regularly.

These new cooling pads extend the life of air conditioners while also improving the quality of the air they circulate.

Tray of ice cubes

Unlike the old desert coolers, new air coolers have an ice cube tray as well. To cool down quickly, users may just add chilly water to the tank.

Adding too much ice to the tank might work against you since it limits evaporation, which reduces the cooling of the air.

You may, however, make use of this function, which comes in handy during the hot summers, by following the instructions.

Compatibility with Inverter

As a result of power disruptions in the past, customers were left to rue their misfortune, especially in the summer. It was impossible to utilize a standard desert cooler, even with an inverter.

With copper wires, the contemporary air coolers work well with an inverter. Because air coolers use less electricity than typical air conditioners, they have a significant advantage over them.

Modern air coolers, on the other hand, include inverter compatibility, so they may be utilized even during power outages to provide long-lasting cooling.

Remote Controls

Compared to desert coolers price, contemporary air coolers are elegant beautiful, and reasonable. To further enhance convenience and fan control, new coolers have digital technologies such as a digital control panel.

Remote controls are now available with many air coolers allowing consumers to make rapid adjustments to the system’s settings. There is no need to go around with settings manually to alter the fan’s speed. The air cooler’s price with the remote is also reasonable.

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