What Is Roller Jet Pulsator In LG Washing Machines

Pulsator and Agitator are two of the most critical components in a washing machine. Low-cost washing machines come with an agitator whereas premium models come with a pulsator.

Technically, pulsators are not good for removing heavy dirt as there is almost no friction between the clothes and the pulsator. The machine fully depends on the frictional force between clothes to remove dirt.

Over the years, engineers have been working to find a solution to this problem and Roller Jet Pulsator is something that solves this problem. Let’s learn more about this technology here in this article.

What Is a Roller Jet Pulsator?

Roller Jet Pulsator is a proprietary technology owned by LG. It has three rollers at the base of the pulsator that constantly rotates.

These roller comes in contact with the clothes and provide that necessary frictional force required for removing heavy dirt and mud. The more the rotation of the roller, the better the wash performance.

roller jet pulsator

Roller Jet Pulsators are mostly available in low-cost semi-automatic washing machines. This technology improves the washing performance drastically, however, there is a chance that your clothes may get damaged due to friction.

Advantages Of Roller Jet Pulsator

  • Better wash performance
  • Can remove heavy dirt and mud
  • Provides better frictional force between the clothes and the pulsator
  • Available in low-cost semi-automatic washing machines

Disadvantages Of Roller Jet Pulsator

  • May damage clothes due to increased frictional force
  • Produce more noise and vibration due to constantly rotating rollers
  • More power consumption

Conclusion: Should You Buy A Washing Machine With a Roller Jet Pulsator?

Yes, you should buy a washing machine with roller jet pulsators as this technology can improve the wash performance drastically.

Please remember that this technology is only available in LG low-cost semi automatic washing machines. No other manufacturers are offering similar technology in the same price range.

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