What Is Triple Inverter AC?

We heard about inverter ACs, and we also heard about dual inverter ACs initially developed by LG, but the Triple inverter is something new that we may not heard of.

Triple inverter AC elevates the power saving to the next level. It can save up to 69% more power compared to any traditional non-conventional AC. That’s a lot of savings. Let’s learn about Triple Inverter AC here in this article.

What Is Triple Inverter AC?

Triple Inverter AC does not use three rotors like how a dual inverter AC uses two rotors. Instead, it uses more advanced digital 8-pole motor compressors that can save more energy than a dual inverter AC and more quitter too.

Triple Inverter AC

A dual inverter AC compressor uses four poles whereas a triple inverter AC uses eight poles. The additional four poles help to save more power and reduce the vibration and noise.

This technology was initially developed by Samsung but now many manufacturer uses the same technology under different brand names.

Advantages Of Triple Inverter AC

The main benefit of triple inverter AC is almost the same as a dual inverter AC. The only difference is that it saves more power than a dual inverter AC. It also reduces vibration in a better way than a dual inverter AC which is why you will hear less noise.

Due to the low frequencies at which these triple inverter ACs work, there is less wear and tear ultimately increasing the lifespan of the product.

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