Vertical Vs Horizontal Geyser

Most consumers in India use vertical geysers. This is a traditional layout of most water heaters sold in India. But how about horizontal geysers? Does that bring any benefits to the table?

Let’s learn about this in this Vertical Vs Horizontal Geyser article.

What Is A Vertical Geyser?

Vertical geysers are the ones that are installed vertically. Most household uses vertical geysers unless they have any space constraints.

You will get a better cold water and hot water mixture in vertical geysers. You don’t need the water tank to be full before delivering hot water.

Vertical Vs Horizontal Geyser

Water flows freely due to gravity. The anode rod always stays in place and the periodic maintenance is also very easy.

The installation is very easy. The price is also relatively low compared to other types of water heaters.

What Is A Horizontal Geyser?

Horizontal geysers are introduced to solve the spacing issue with vertical geysers, especially if you have less space over the head.

The water tank needs to be at least 50% filled before it can deliver hot water. A perfect blend of hot water and cold water is not always possible.

Vertical Vs Horizontal Geyser

The installation is little tricky and so does the maintenance. The cost is higher too compared to vertical geysers.

Horizontal geysers are not that popular in the Indian market. However, if you have a space concern, there are no other options.

Vertical Vs Horizontal Geyser

We will figure out the difference between a Vertical Geyser and a Horizontal Geyser based on the following criteria.


Space is a concern for vertical geysers. Typically we don’t get any issue with horizontal space but vertical space is always a concern in bathrooms and kitchens. Vertical geysers need an ample amount of space overhead which is not always possible.

Horizontal geysers on the other hand consume less vertical space but more horizontal space which was never been a problem.

Power Consumption

Power consumption is a little high in Horizontal geysers although it uses the same kind of heating element. It consume more power because it wastes more power.

For the same amount of hot water, vertical geysers are more energy efficient.

Hot Water Availability

Since the outlet is at the center (mostly), the water tank needs to be at least 50% filled to deliver hot water. Also, the quality of hot water may be poor, which means you may get a poor mix of cold and hot water as gravity does not play a role in dispensing hot water.

In the vertical geyser, its a different story. The gravity ensures that you get a perfect mixture of hot and cold water. The water wastage is also less in vertical geysers.

Installation And Maintenance

The installation is little tricky for horizontal geysers although not as difficult as the maintenance of that geyser.

If you want to do servicing of your horizontal geysers, you may need to completely drain the water and you may also need to take other measures. But in vertical geysers, it is a straightforward task.


The price is on the higher side for horizontal geysers. This is due to the low volume that manufacturers can sell. Both Vertical and Horizontal geysers are available in storage or tankless configurations.

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