Vitamin C Filters In AC: Advantages And Disadvantages Of Vitamin C Filters

We always assume that our indoor air is clean and fresh. But is that the case?

Sometimes our indoor air is more polluted than the outside air due to the smoke, microbes, pet dander, dust, or volatile organic compounds.

Indoor pollutant air can cause more damage to us than the outside air as you are inhaling the indoor air all the time.

Due to this polluted air, you may get serious diseases like asthma or respiratory issues. But do you know that pollutant air can also damage your skin?

vitamin c filter
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Yes, it does.

When these pollutants get released into the indoor air, they bind to our cells in the skin and destroy them.

Some of the skin issues that you may see due to the polluted air are as follows.

  • Skin Rashes
  • Skin Dryness
  • Premature Aging
  • Spots and wrinkles
  • Acne And Eczema

So what is the solution to this kind of problem?

The answer is Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is beneficial for the synthesis of molecules for healthy skin.

Besides, it is one of the most potent vitamins that enhances skin quality, fights skin aging, and improves collagen production.

That is why you will see that most moistening lotion has Vitamin C in them. But applying cream all the time, even if you are at home, is not logical.

Then, what else we can do?

The answer is, to use an air conditioner with a Vitamin C filter.

Yes, Most air conditioners are now coming with a vitamin C filter that can solve this problem.

So here in this article, we will learn more about Vitamin C filter, and how it works.

vitamin c filter

What Is Vitamin C Filter In AC? Working Principle Of Vitamin C Filters

Besides being a filter, the Vitamin C filter is also a therapy and antioxidant that nullifies the free radicals in the skin.

ACs with a vitamin C filter have a ceramic additive that releases Vitamin C when it comes in contact with moisture. Moisture absorbent named Zeolite is also present which offers a steady and frequent release of vitamin C in dry conditions, mainly in the winter.

So the air that comes out of the AC filter is free from pollutants and releases Vitamin C to keep your skin healthy. Vitamin C filters can soften the skin and reduce stress while providing therapeutic benefits.

Advantages Of Vitamin C Filters In AC

  • Keeps the air pollutant-free
  • Discharge Vitamin C, which is essential for skin
  • Keeps your skin healthy and stress-free
  • Reduce skin-related diseases
  • Delivers excellent anti-aging therapy

Disadvantages of Vitamin C Filters In AC

  • Only available in the Split AC
  • You need to change the filter every year
  • ACs with vitamin C filters are very costly,
  • Not available in Window ACs

Vitamin C and anti-aging

We all know that the RBC ( Red blood cells) gives oxygen to our body cells. Those cells need a continuous flow of pure oxygen to keep themselves healthy.

But when the pollutant air hits our skin, our skin cells are deprived of enough oxygen. As a result, the skin looks dull and sagging.

Vitamin C Filter Application

Vitamin C filters can be installed on your split ACs separately. But nowadays, most of the high-end ACs come with a Vitamin C filter preinstalled from the factory.

Conclusion: Vitamin C Filters

I hope you got an idea about Vitamin C filters and how they can help you keep your skin healthy and stress-free. We have also discovered that Vitamin C filters can save you from serious skin diseases. So next time when you buy an AC, buy one that comes with a vitamin C filter.

If you still have any questions or queries, please write in the comment section, and I will be happy to help you out.

Rajib Is The Founder And The Key Brain Behind RiansDeal. A NIT 2004 Graduate In Mechanical Engineering With Close To Two Decades Of Experience In Designing Large Appliances And Consumer Electronics Products.


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