What is Triple Protection Plus in Samsung AC?

Most AC nowadays comes with protection against minor voltage fluctuations. Inverter ACs can protect your AC from major voltage fluctuations too.

But, even an inverter AC has a specific limit of voltages beyond which it will fail. Most inverter ACs can protect your AC from 90V-300V.

If the voltage goes beyond that limit, your AC may get damaged.

What to do about that?

The solution is to buy a Samsung AC with Triple Protection Plus technology. We will learn more about this technology in this article.

What Is Triple Protection Plus In Samsung AC

Triple Protection Plus is a new technology developed by Samsung initially for F series TVs that basically protects from lighting, humidity, and voltage surge. The technology is now available in Samsung ACs too.

Tripple protection plus in Samsung ACs

In ACs, the triple protection plus technology can handle voltages from 80V to 450V which is a much wider range than a good quality voltage stabilizer.

During voltage fluctuations, extreme heat also gets generated. The Triple Protection Plus Technology protects your AC from that extreme heat also.

Benefits Of Triple Protection Plus Technology

The Triple Protection Plus technology offers the following benefits.

  • If your AC has Triple Protection Plus technology, you don’t need a stabilizer.
  • Triple Protection Plus technology can protect your AC from 80V to 450V. The variation is extensive and generally, we don’t get voltage fluctuations beyond that limit.
  • The technology protects your appliances from extreme heat.

Conclusion: Triple Protection Plus Technology

Triple Protection technology is great for ACs if you are in a location where you notice frequent severe voltage fluctuations. This can save you money that would have been invested in a stabilizer.

However, if you feel that the price difference between ACs with Triple Protection Plus and without the Triple Protection Plus is too much then I would suggest you buy an inverter AC instead that would also perform fairly in severe voltage fluctuations.



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