What Is 3D Wash Technology In IFB Washing Machines?

Traditional washing machines used to have a single nozzle that spreads water in the drum. Due to the one-directional flow water could not reach every corner of the machine. The result is, that you get a very poor wash, and detergent residues are left on the clothes.

IFB solves this problem with their innovative 3D Wash Technology. In fact, not only IFB, but almost all the manufacturers offer this feature in their washing machines with different names. For example, LG offers this feature with the name TurboWash 360.

Let’s learn more about this IFB 3D Wash Technology here in this article and find out how it can enhance your washing experience.

How Does 3D Wash Technology In IFB Washing Machines Work?

3D Wash means three-directional wash. This means no clothes will be left over without getting washed. Although it depends on how you load your clothes.

The basic principle of a 3D wash system is to use multiple nozzles in different directions so that the flow of water covers the 360-degree area. Unlike traditional washers that usually get one nozzle, the 3D wash gets multiple nozzles. The minimum is three, but few machines have even five nozzles.

3D wash

Few IFB machines even offer 4D wash which is nothing but additional nozzles that spread water in four different directions.

4d wash

Either 3D wash or 4D wash, the main goal of this feature is to offer a complete wash with a better washing experience.

Benefits Of 3D Wash Technology In IFB Washing Machines

The major benefit of 3D wash technology is that it provides a better wash. Better wash in the sense that it offers a complete wash. You won’t find a single cloth that is not washed if you use 3D wash technology. For that, you need to make sure that you are loading your clothes evenly.

The other benefit is that this technology does not leave detergent residues on clothes which is one of the main concerns with traditional washing machines.

Since water reaches every corner of the drum, detergent can penetrate into the fabric easily. Due to that, you get a better wash, and leftover detergents are washed away from the drum.

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