LG TurboWash 3D Technology In Washing Machines

Washing Machines usually take more than an hour even for a small load to wash. If you have lightly soiled clothes and want your washing machines to finish the washing quickly you don’t have any option except to use the turbo mode. LG call it as TurboWash 3D.

We will learn more about this TurboWash 3D technology here in this article and see how it can enhance the washing experience.

What Is TurboWash 3D Technology?

turbowash 3d

As the name suggests, it is a water circulation technology in washing machines that ensures that your washing is completed within a minimum amount of time.

LG claims that the TurboWash function can finish your laundry within 39 minutes of time. Of course, for that, you need to ensure that you are loading your washing machine as per the manufacturer’s recommendation.

TurboWash 3D uses 3D multidirectional nozzles that ensure that water reaches every corner of your laundry. The water coming out of the 3D nozzles creates powerful waves of water for better washing.

The JetSpray ensures that water can penetrate into the fabrics easily and aid in removing dirt’s. In TurboWash, the drum rotates in the opposite direction to the pulsator. This ensures that you get a better wash due to the tumbling action.

TurboWash 3D technology saves power too as the cycle time is very short, although the initial power consumption is a little high when all the nozzles start pouring the water. But if you compare it with any traditional washing machine, TurboWash 3D-based washing machines are more energy efficient.

TurboWash 3D technology was introduced in top-load washing machines and later it was added to front-load washing machines. TurboWash 3D is also known as TurboWash 360.

Difference Between TurboWash And TurboWash 3D

TurboWash uses a single Jetspray only to penetrate the water into the fabric whereas TurboWash 3D or TurboWash 360 uses special multidirectional nozzles that soak clothes even if it is at the farthest corner of the washing machine.

So basically TurboWash has one high-speed nozzle in one direction and the TurboWash 3D has three additional nozzles ( In some machines it is more than four nozzles) in multiple directions covering the 360-degree space inside the drum. In TurboWash 3D the water quickly finds clothes and soaks them.

TurboWash 3D technology can wash your clothes about 20 minutes faster than TurboWash. It takes only 39 minutes for TurboWash 3D to wash a full load of clothes.

Benefits Of TurboWash 3D Technology?

  • Your washing will be completed in merely 39 minutes
  • TurboWash-based washing machines are more energy efficient.
  • Less chances of cloth damage as there is no friction between the clothes and the pulsator
  • Clothes will be soaked easily. Thanks to the multi-directional water jets
  • Jetspray can help the water and detergent penetrate into the fabrics easily

Conclusion: Should You Buy A Washing Machine With TurboWash 3D Technology?

Yes, I would as time matters. Power matters too. TurboWash 3D technology offers both. However, there is a catch. Although TurboWash 3D can clean clothes in merely 39 minutes, it can do this only to lightly soiled clothes.

If your clothes are very dirty, TurboWash 3D may not clean them efficiently. You will end up running a full cycle again which will increase the energy consumption.

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