AC Power Consumption Calculator

AC is one of the most power-hungry appliances in the household. Many consumers desire to buy an AC but due to the fear of too much power consumption by ACs, they prefer to step back.

We are here to get consumers out of their fear by using this simple AC Power Consumption Calculator that will give a fair idea about how much electricity your AC might consume. We will also discuss different steps that you can follow to reduce the AC Power Consumption.

AC Power Consumption Calculator

Disclaimer: The calculator is developed considering different assumptions which might be good for most consumers. However, individual usage may vary and there could be many factors that could contribute to the AC Power Consumption. This calculator is meant to give you a rough idea about how much electricity your AC may consume based on your inputs and considering the best-case scenario.

With this simple AC Power Consumption Calculator, you will learn how to calculate air conditioner power consumption. However, we need some inputs from you for the calculator to give you outputs.

AC Power Consumption Calculator Inputs

The following inputs are required from your end to calculate the AC Power Consumption

You will mostly get the Cooling Capacity and the ESEER value from the BEE star label rating plate that is available on all air conditioners manufactured in India.

Please note that all BEE star rating plate shows the approximate yearly power consumption data. But that data is based on different ideal conditions. In actuality, the data will be different, and our calculator will provide you with that data.

AC Power Consumption Calculator

Hours of operation value depends on your requirement and the electricity tariff you will get from the electricity board website.

  • ISEER Rating [You will get that on the BEE Label card on the unit]
  • Cooling Capacity (In Watts) [You will get that on the BEE Label card on the unit]
  • Hours Of Operation Per Day [ Depends on your requirement]
  • Electricity Tariff Per Unit [You will get that from your electricity board]

AC Power Consumption Calculator Outputs

Following values you will get once you enter the correct input values.

  • Monthly Units Consumed By the AC (kWh)
  • Yearly Units Consumed By the AC (kWh)
  • Monthly Electricity Bill in your local currency
  • Yearly Electricity Bill in your local currency

AC Power Consumption Calculator Assumptions

Here are some of the assumptions that we made while building this AC Power Consumption Calculator.

Power Consumption Assumption

Whatever the BEE star label shows regarding the annual power consumption, it is based on the assumption that you will run the AC for 1600 hours per year. That comes to around 4.44 hours per day.

So, in our calculator, if you enter the 4.44 hours as the daily hours of operation, you will almost get the same result as what is shown on the BEE Star Rating plate.

BEE assumes that you will run the AC for 1600 hours per year. Star rating plate data are based on this assumption.

Cooling Capacity Assumption

AC Power Consumption Calculator

If you look at the BEE Star Rating plate of any inverter AC, you will notice that the company mentions the cooling capacity at 100% load and 50% load.

The reason is that inverter ACs never run at 100% load all the time. The compressor can change the speed based on the cooling required.

Similarly, non-inverter ACs also never run at 100% load all the time. When the temperature is reached, the compressor turns itself off, thus reducing the load.

So for both non-inverter and inverter AC, the cooling capacity is never 100%, but it is somewhere in between the two.

How To Reduce AC Power Consumption?

Here are some of the best practices that you should follow to reduce AC Power Consumption.

Switch To Inverter AC

Inverter AC can save up to 40% of your AC power bill. It comes with a variable-speed inverter motor that optimizes the compressor speed based on the cooling load. Inverter AC compressor may not run at full load all the time and thus it saves power.

Our calculator can also be used as Inverter AC Power Consumption Calculator.

Don’t Use Turbo Cool Frequently

The turbo cool function cools your room almost instantly. But this feature uses the most amount of power. The compressor and other components runs at full load and thus consume more power. If you use the turbo cool feature twice a day, you can expect a 25% increase in your power bill.

Keep Your Doors And Window Shut

For your AC to cool efficiently, you need to keep your door and window shut when you are running the AC. Frequent opening and closing doors affect the AC power consumption as the AC has to do more work to cool the hot air that you bring while opening the door.

Don’t Use Chilling Cold Temperature

If you run your AC at 18°C all the time, you will have more power bills compared to if you run the AC at 24°C. This is because the AC has to do a lot more work when you run it at a lower temperature. More work means more power consumption.

Service Your AC Regularly

You need to change/ top up the refrigerant every year to get the optimum cooling. You also need to clean the filters periodically to ensure that the AC is cooling properly and consuming the desired power.

Use A Fan With An AC

Yes, if you use a fan along with an AC, the AC may take less time to cool your room and it will consume less power. A ceiling fan can help to spread the cool air evenly across all the corners of a room. That helps the AC to do less work. Less work means less power consumption.

Advantages Of Using AC Electricity Consumption Calculator

  • Our AC Power Consumption Calculator is very accurate in determining the actual AC Power Consumption considering multiple real-life variables and factors.
  • You will get a rough idea of how much electricity your AC may consume.
  • You will get a rough idea of how much would be your monthly electricity bill.
  • This calculator works for any type of AC, be it split AC or window AC

Conclusion: How Much Power Does AC Use?

This AC Power Consumption Calculator can be of great help for you to get an idea of how much power AC uses and based on that you can make a buying decision.

As I said before there are hundreds of variables that could contribute to AC power consumption. So, this calculator may not give you the exact value but the approximate value will suffice your need I believe.

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