Refrigerator Power Consumption Calculator

Modern refrigerators do not consume as much electricity as traditional refrigerators but still, they contribute a good chunk to your electricity bill. After AC, a refrigerator is the appliance that consumes the most amount of power in a household.

It is a wise decision to know how much electricity a fridge uses before you buy it. So that after buying you don’t see a surprise in your electricity bill.

Mostly all refrigerators show the approximate yearly power consumption data on the star rating card, but that data is not reliable as it is based on different assumptions and factory test conditions.

Refrigerator Power Consumption Calculator

In real life, the power consumption data will be different and that is where our Refrigerator Power Consumption Calculator can help you.

Refrigerator Power Consumption Calculator

Disclaimer: The calculator is developed considering different assumptions which might be good for most consumers. However, individual usage may vary and there could be many factors that could contribute to the Refrigerator Power Consumption. This calculator is meant to give you a rough idea about how much electricity your Refrigerator may consume based on your inputs and considering the best-case scenario.

With this simple Refrigerator Power Consumption Calculator, you will learn how to calculate refrigerator power consumption. However, we need some inputs from you for the calculator to give you outputs.

Refrigerator Power Consumption Calculator Inputs

The following inputs are required from your end to calculate the Refrigerator Power Consumption.

  • Rater Power Of The Refrigerator [This data will be available on the product specification sheet or on the product website. The BEE star label of refrigerators does not show the rated power information]
  • Hours Of Operation Per Day [Mostly refrigerators run 24X7. However, you can enter your desired hours of operation for your refrigerator]
  • Electricity Tariff Per Unit [You will get that information from your electricity board or from your last electricity bill]

Refrigerator Power Consumption Calculator Outputs

The following data outputs this calculator will provide you.

  • Daily Units Consumed By The Refrigerator
  • Monthly Units Consumed By The Refrigerator
  • Yearly Units Consumed By The Refrigerator
  • Monthly Power Bill
  • Yearly Power Bill

5 Tips To Reduce Refrigerator Power Consumption?

Here are some of the steps that you can follow to Reduce Refrigerator Power Consumption.

1. Use An Inverter Refrigerator

Inverter Refrigerators can save up to 40% of your power bill. Inverter refrigerators use a variable-speed compressor that can adjust the speed based on the cooling load. In traditional refrigerators, the compressor turns itself off when the desired temperature is reached and starts again when the temperature goes up. This frequent on and off of compressors consumes a lot of power.

In the case of inverter refrigerators, the compressor never turns itself off even after the desired temperature is reached. Instead, it adjusts the speed based on the load. In other words, traditional compressors run either at full load or no load, but inverter compressors always run at optimum load.

2. Don’t Open Refrigerant Doors Frequently

When you open the refrigerator door, hot air goes inside the refrigerator. The refrigerator has to work extra to cool that extra hot air. Extra work means more power consumption.

I would prefer you to buy refrigerators will auto-closing doors so that even if you forget to close the door, it will close automatically.

3. Change Refrigerant As Per Manufacturer’s Schedule

Refrigerant is the gas ( or liquid) that takes the heat from the refrigerator compartment. You need to change the refrigerant almost every year or as per the manufacturer’s schedule.

You need to change the refrigerant even though you may feel that you are getting enough cooling. The logic here is that all refrigerants lose their original properties over time and it has to do extra work to give you sufficient cooling.

4. Don’t Block Vent Holes

A refrigerator compartment has multiple vent holes through which cool air passes. If you block those vent holes un-knowingly, your refrigerator may not cool properly or it will do extra work to give you sufficient cooling. Thus it consumes more power.

5. Don’t Keep Hot Items Inside The Refrigerator

Many people make this mistake. Trust me, this is the worst thing they can do with a refrigerator.

The refrigerator consumes a lot of power to cool it down. Not only that, hot items can damage the glass shelves as well. Glass shelves are not designed to withstand extreme temperature variations.

The best practice is that, keep the items outside until it cools down to room temperature and then keep them inside the refrigerator

Conclusion: Refrigerator Power Consumption Calculator

Refrigerator Power Consumption Calculator is a simple calculator to give you an idea of how much power does a refrigerator use so that you can make an informed purchase decision.

The data output of this calculator is almost perfect considering real-life use cases but there could be slight variations depending upon how you use the refrigerator. For example, if you open your refrigerator door a hundred times a day, no calculator can give you the exact power consumption data.

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