What Is AI DD In LG Washing Machine?

Direct-drive washing machines are known for energy efficiency and quieter operation. The integration of artificial intelligence has taken the comfort level of consumers to the next level.

LG is the first company that introduce AI DD In LG Washing Machines and that is what we are going to discuss in this article.

The integration of AI with direct drive technology made a big improvement in energy consumption as washing machines nowadays can optimize their best setting based on the input from AI.

What Is AI DD In LG Washing Machines?

The full form of AI DD is Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive. We all know what is direct drive. Right? If not, you can refer to this article where I explained the in and out of direct drive technology.

LG went to the next level and integrated the AI technology with the direct drive technology. What it does is that it captures the washing pattern of consumers and automatically adjusts the best setting that is suitable for that set of clothes.

For example, if you put very dirty clothes in the washing machine, AI technology can help the machine decide what is the best setting for these clothes. Similarly, this technology will help you with any type of clothes.

How AI DD Technology Works?

Most LG washing machines have 6 different types of motion with the help of which it washes clothes. Below are those motion types.

  • Tumble: This mode is for delicate clothes where the drum rotates in the anti-clockwise direction and lets your clothes tumble in it.
  • Swing: This motion is also for delicate clothes. The drum rotates in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. The soft swing creates a heart-shaped motion trajectory that washes laundry below the waterline.
  • Filtration: In this motion type, the drum rotates in a clockwise direction and squeezes out the dirt from the clothes. This mode is suitable for heavily soiled clothes.
  • Rolling: In Rolling, the drum rotates in the clockwise direction but the speed is slower than the filtration mode. The idea is to roll the clothes upside down to get a thorough wash.
  • Scrubbing: This is mainly for heavy-duty washing where the drum rotates in alternate directions and removes the heaviest dirt from clothes.
  • Stepping: The drum rotates in a single clockwise direction in a stuttering mode to throw the clothes upside down for a heavy wash cycle.
What Is AI DD In LG Washing Machine

There are three steps involved in how the AI Technology decides which washing modes to select in direct-drive washing machines.

  • Weight Detection:
  • Softness Detection
  • Choose an Optimized Washing Pattern

Weight Detection

The first thing AI does is check the weight of the wash load. The weight plays a big role in determining the correct wash cycle.

There are four different weight levels available in this technology

Softness Detection

The next task for AI is to check the softness of the clothes. If the clothes are very dirty, the softness will be low. Based on that, the washing machine will choose the correct washing pattern.

There are five different softness levels available in this technology

Choose An Optimized Washing pattern

Based on the weight and softness data, the AC technology chooses the desired motion. The selected setting is then fed into the machine’s controller which activates the desired mode for that wash cycle.

Advantages Of AI DD Technology

Here are some of the benefits of AI DD technology.

  • All AI DD technology-based washing machines are direct-drive washing machines
  • The AI will choose the best and most efficient setting for your washing machine.
  • The AI DD technology can offer up to 18% more protection to your clothes
  • You will get a better wash
  • Your washing machine will consume the optimum amount of power
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