What Is Auto Smart Connect Inverter Technology In Refrigerators?

Traditional refrigerator compressors turn themselves OFF when the required temperature is reached. A thermostat is used to sense the temperature and send the signal to the compressor.

What is the issue with that?

The issue is that every time the compressor turns itself ON or OFF, it consumes a good amount of power. Thus more electricity bills every month.

Do you want that?

No, that is why we buy a refrigerator with an inverter compressor that basically uses a variable-speed compressor that can adjust the speed based on the cooling load.

Inverter Compressors do not turn themselves OFF automatically and that is why it is more energy efficient.

Great! Now, what’s the problem?

The problem is, that many people think that if they buy a refrigerator with inverter technology, their refrigerator will run even during a power cut. However, that is not the case. The Inverter compressor just saves power. That’s it.

But how about running a refrigerator even during a power cut using a home inverter? Is it possible?

We all know that if we connect our refrigerator to a home inverter, the inverter can not take the load.

Then, what is the solution? The solution is to buy an LG refrigerator with Auto Smart Connect Inverter Technology.

But what the heck is this new technology?

What Is Auto Smart Connect Inverter Technology?

Auto Smart Connect Inverter Technology will allow your refrigerator to use your home inverter in case there is a power cut. Is it not that great?

Worried about whether the inverter can handle the load of a refrigerator?

Don’t worry. Your LG refrigerator with Auto Smart Connect Inverter Technology will consume a small amount of power equal to the power consumed by 2 CFL bulbs.

Auto Smart Connect Inverter Technology

LG offers this technology in its premium range of refrigerators coupled with Liner Inverter Compressors.

The refrigerator will automatically connect to your home inverter when there is a power cut and automatically disconnects when the power comes back.

Due to this technology, your food will be always fresh. The only thing is that you need to buy a home inverter that does not cost much nowadays. Now you can use your refrigerator 24X7 hours without worrying about a power cut.

Of late, Samsung (Samsung Smart Connect Inverter Refrigerator) and other companies also come up with similar technologies. However, LG is always the first mover and comes with new technologies.

Conclusion: Auto Smart Connect Inverter Technology

Refrigerators with Auto Smart Connect Inverter Technology cost a little more. Agree! But think about if you have medicines or foods that you need to keep refrigerated for 24 hours without worrying about a power cut. Don’t you feel that this technology is a blessing for you?

When we buy appliances with new technologies, definitely it will cost us more. But at the same time, new technologies make our lives easy. So, the decision is yours.

You can head over to Amazon and search engines for LG refrigerators Auto Smart Connect Inverter Technology and you will get a list of refrigerators that support this technology.

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