Dishwasher Power Consumption Calculator

Dishwashers are gaining popularity in the Indian market. Within a few years, it will be a common appliance in every household.

Before you buy a dishwasher, it is advisable to check the approximate power consumption of the machine by using this Dishwasher Power Consumption Calculator.

This calculator will ask for some inputs and it will provide you the data about how much electricity a dishwasher uses per month or year.

Dishwasher Power Consumption Calculator

Disclaimer: The calculator is developed considering different assumptions which might be good for most consumers. However, individual usage may vary and there could be many factors that could contribute to the Dishwasher Power Consumption. This calculator is meant to give you a rough idea about how much electricity your Dishwasher may consume based on your inputs and considering the best-case scenario.

With this simple Dishwasher Power Consumption Calculator, you will learn about how to calculate dishwasher power consumption. However, we need some inputs from you for the calculator to give you outputs.

Dishwasher Power Consumption Calculator

Dishwasher Power Consumption Calculator Inputs

The following inputs are required from your end to calculate the Dishwasher Power Consumption.

  • Rater Power Of The Dishwasher [This data will be available on the product specification sheet or the product website. ]
  • Hours Of Operation Per Day [Enter the number of hours you want to run the Dishwasher per day. If you are not using the dishwasher daily, then enter the average number of hours by dividing the total number of hours per week by seven ]
  • Electricity Tariff Per Unit [You will get that information from your electricity board or your last electricity bill]

Dishwasher Power Consumption Calculator Outputs

Following values you will get once you enter the correct input values.

  • Monthly Units Consumed By the Dishwasher (kWh)
  • Yearly Units Consumed By the Dishwasher (kWh)
  • Monthly Electricity Bill
  • Yearly Electricity Bill

5 Tips To Reduce Dishwasher Power Consumption?

Here are some of the best practices that you can follow to reduce dishwasher power consumption.

1. Don’t Overload Your Dishwasher

Every Dishwasher is designed to wash a certain number of dishes per cycle. If you load more dishes than the designed capacity, the machine won’t wash your dishes properly. It will consume more detergent, and most importantly, it will consume more power as it has to do extra work.

2. Choose Air Dry Over Heated Dry

Almost in all dishwashers, you will get two options to dry your dishes. Either you choose the air dry option or use heated dry. Heated dry means, there will be a heater that will make your dishes dry.

The downside of heated dry is that it consumes a lot of power. Unless it is required, don’t use the heated dry option. That way, you will save some amount of power.

3. Keep Your Filters Clean

Dishwashers mainly come with two filters. One is a fine filter and the other one is a coarse filter. Any blockage in these filters will delay your wash cycle. That means, the machine has to do more work. More work means more power consumption.

4. Prefer A Cold Wash

Hot wash will use the heater to heat water which in turn increases the power consumption. A heater is a power-hungry component of any appliance. Unless it is really required, prefer not to use the heater. However, if your dishes are super dirty, you don’t have any option except to use the hot wash option.

5. Service Your Dishwasher Regularly

Servicing your dishwasher regularly is a key factor in the power consumption of the dishwasher. Especially, the filters get bad in no time depending on how dirty dishes you are throwing into the dishwasher.

A dishwasher has multiple sensors like a Turbidity Sensor and a floor Sensor that can easily get damaged if you are not using your dishwasher properly. Regular servicing will ensure that all parts are working as expected. That way, the dishwasher will consume the optimum amount of power.

Conclusion: Dishwasher Power Consumption Calculator

It is always a wise decision to know about the particular appliance before you buy it. Because, after buying, you don’t have any other options except to regret it.

Power consumption data is something that you should always study before buying any appliances. If not, the electricity bill will haunt you until you throw out that power-hungry appliance.

This dishwasher power consumption calculator is our effort to make your decision process easy by knowing how much power a dishwasher uses.

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