Washing Machine Power Consumption Calculator

Washing Machines play a big role in your monthly electricity bill although it is not as power-hungry as an AC or a refrigerator. Moreover, inverter motors have optimized the Washing Machine Power Consumption further.

Still. it’s a good idea to check the power consumption of the desired washing machine before you buy it. That way, you will be informed enough about how much electricity that washing machine uses.

This Washing Machine Power Consumption Calculator is designed keeping the thought in mind that you will get an idea about the power consumption data of any washing machine.

Washing Machine Power Consumption Calculator

Disclaimer: The calculator is developed considering different assumptions which might be good for most consumers. However, individual usage may vary and there could be many factors that could contribute to the Washing Machine Power Consumption. This calculator is meant to give you a rough idea about how much electricity your Washing Machine may consume based on your inputs and considering the best-case scenario.

With this simple Washing Machine Power Consumption Calculator, you will learn how to calculate washing machine power consumption. However, we need some inputs from you for the calculator to give you outputs.

Washing Machine Power Consumption Calculator

Washing Machine Power Consumption Calculator Inputs

The following inputs are required from your end to calculate the Washing Machine Power Consumption.

  • Rater Power Of The Washing Machine [This data will be available on the product specification sheet or the product website. The BEE star label of washing machines does not show the rated power information]
  • Hours Of Operation Per Day [Enter the number of hours you want to run the washing machine per day. If you are not using the washing machine daily, then enter the average number of hours by dividing the total number of hours by seven ]
  • Electricity Tariff Per Unit [You will get that information from your electricity board or your last electricity bill]

Washing Machine Power Consumption Calculator Outputs

Following values you will get once you enter the correct input values.

  • Monthly Units Consumed By the Washing Machine (kWh)
  • Yearly Units Consumed By the Washing Machine (kWh)
  • Monthly Electricity Bill
  • Yearly Electricity Bill

5 Tips To Reduce Washing Machine Power Consumption?

Here are some of the steps that you can follow to reduce washing machine power consumption.

1. Use An Inverter Washing Machine

Inverter washing machines can optimize the power consumption. It uses a variable-speed direct drive motor that can control the speed based on the wash load.

There won’t be any belt or pully. So there is no power loss. Inverter washing machines can save up to 20-40% of your monthly power bill depending on how you are using the washing machine.

2. Don’t Overload The Washing Machine

Every washing machine is designed to wash a certain amount of load per cycle. If you load more clothes than the designed capacity, the machine won’t wash your clothes properly. It will consume more detergent, and most importantly, it will consume more power as it has to do extra work.

3. Don’t Use The In-Built Heater

Most premium washing machines nowadays come with an inbuilt heater that can dry your clothes after washing and also heat up the water during the wash cycle.

This is a great feature but consumes almost 70% of washing machine rater power. Unless it is really required, avoid using the inbuilt heater to save more power.

If you really need a hot water wash, you can supply the hot water separately through the inlet pipe if there is such a provision.

4. Use Proper Detergent

Detergent plays a big role in washing machine power consumption. If your detergent is producing too much lather, your washing machine will have to rinse your clothes again and again. That extra work will lead to more power consumption. Using the right amount of detergent is also important if you want to reduce the washing machine’s power consumption.

5. Service Your Washing Machine Regularly

Servicing your washing machine regularly will ensure that all the parts are working at their best which in turn will ensure that your washing machine is consuming the optimum amount of power.

Servicing the washing machine regularly will yield better washing even if your washing machine is very old.

Conclusion: Washing Machine Power Consumption Calculator

The washing Machine Power Consumption Calculator is a simple calculator to give you an idea of how many watts does a washing machine use so that you can make an informed purchase decision.

The data output of this calculator is almost perfect considering real-life use cases but there could be slight variations depending upon how you use the washing machine.

If you have any questions about this calculator, please write in the comment section and we will be happy to reply to you back.

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