Gold Fin Vs Blue Fin In AC: Which Technology Is The Best?

There are two different types of coils available in any air conditioning unit or refrigeration unit. One is the evaporator coil and the other one is the condenser coil. Out of these two, the condenser coil is exposed to the atmosphere, and thus prone to the harmful effect of corrion.

Gold fin and blue fin coating address this issue and protect the coils from corrosion. Although both serve the same purpose but still have some differences. Let’s learn more about the differences between Gold Fin Vs Blue Fin in AC here in this article.

But before that, it’s wise to learn what is called fins in AC.

What Is Fin In AC?

Fins are thin metal strips that transfer heat from one coil to another coil in the condenser and the evaporator. There could be thousands of fins running along the periphery of the coils. Damaged fins can drastically affect the performance of an AC unit or a refrigeration unit.

Gold fin or bluefin does not mean that only fins are coated. Condenser pipes are also coated along with the fins. Evaporator coils do not need any coating as these are not directly exposed to the atmosphere.

fins in AC

What Is Blue Fin Technology In AC?

Metals are prone to corrosion when exposed to the atmosphere. Condenser coils are ideally made of either copper or aluminum, copper being the expensive one and better heat conductive too.

However, bare metals attract a lot of dust, water droplet deposition, and acidic salts, especially in coastal areas.

Gold fin Vs Blue Fin In AC

Although copper does not corrode easily over the period, contaminants can still damage the copper tube and you will end up paying a huge repair bill.

This is where the blue fin technology comes into the picture. It is an epoxy coating on top of the coils and the fins. The coating prevents the harmful effects of acidic salt and other contaminants. The low surface tension helps no water droplet deposition on the tube.

So, in a nutshell, blue fin technology prevents corrosion on the condenser tube and thus enhances the life of the AC.

What Is Gold Fin Technology?

Gold Fin Technology does the same thing as Blue Fin Technology. But the only other benefit that Gold fin technology provides is that it enhances the heat transfer performance of the AC.

It uses revolutionary Golden Hydrophilic coating over the Condenser coils preventing those from water, acidic salts, and other contaminants. It is also synthesized from titanium oxide which aids in better heat transfer.

Gold fin Vs Blue Fin In AC

Gold Fin Vs Blue Fin In AC

Blue FinGold Fin
It has anti corrosive propertiesImproves the heat transfer ability of the AC
Available in most high-end modelsIt has better anti-corrosive properties than bluefin
Available in most high end modelsGold fins are still limited to very few models
Relatively cheaper price tagThis may affect the natural conductivity of the coils
There are no such issues with gold finsNo such issues with gold fins

Conclusion: Blue Fin AC Vs Gold Fin AC

Both are excellent technology to protect the condenser pipe from corrosion. Gold fin does not carry a huge advantage over bluefin except for the better heat conductivity. If the price difference between Gold Fin and Bluefin AC is huge, I would suggest going ahead with Blue Fin AC only.

FAQ | Gold Fin Vs Blue Fin

What Are The Differences Between Gold Fin And Blue Fin In AC?

Both gold fin and blue fin technology are meant to protect the condenser coils from the harmful effects of the atmosphere, however, the gold fin goes one step extra and improves the thermal conductivity of the condenser coil which bluefin does not.

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