What Is WindFree Technology In Samsung ACs

First of all, let me clear to you that WindFree Technology does not mean that the AC will not blow air, but it will blow air at a much-reduced speed for better comfort.

Technologies are evolving for ACs to provide better comfort to humans and to lower power consumption. WindFree Technology In Samsung ACs addresses both the issues. Let’s learn more about this technology in this article.

What Is WindFree Technology In Samsung ACs?

As I said before, ACs with Windfree Technology will still blow air but at a much lower speed. Usually, the speed is around 0.15 m/s or slower. You will never feel the cold draft when you turn on the WindFree mode.

Yes, you read it right. Windfree Mode is a feature in Samsung ACs that reduces the airflow speed. If you want, you can still use the AC in conventional mode where it will blow air like any other AC. It will only reduce the airspeed when you turn on the WindFree mode.

How Does WindFree Technology Work?

Samsung ACs with WindFree Technology have multiple micro holes on the front panel. When the WindFree mode is on, the air passes through those holes instead of dispensing through the louvers. That is why the cold air won’t hit you directly but it will dispense evenly through those micro holes.

WindFree Technology In Samsung ACs

Samsung’s innovative WindFree™ technology is the only system that uses “still air” to create an evenly cool and comfortable environment across a whole occupied zone.

Benefits Of WindFree Technology

Here are some of the benefits of having WindFree Technology in your AC.

Better Comfort

Since the cold air does not hit you directly, you will feel better comfortable under the AC. Since WindFree™ technology creates a much gentler and milder air flow, You will feel like there is no wind at all, Yes, literally no wind.

Better Energy Efficiency

Since the fan motor does not run at the highest speed in the WindFree mode, it will save some energy. Samsung claims that you can save up to 58% energy in the Windfree mode, but in the real world, you may get up to 20-30% energy saving. But, still, it’s a lot of energy saving.

Low Noise

The WindFree mode significantly reduces the noise level by up to 50% as the fan rotates at a much lower speed than the normal mode. Also, the reduced airflow rate reduces the noise level further.

Conclusion: Should You Buy An AC With WindFree Technology

The answer would be NO if Samsung is charging a hefty premium for this technology. This technology will barely give you any real-life benefit except for a little bit more comfort and marginal energy savings.

If the price difference is less compared to a normal AC, then there is nothing wrong with paying a little premium and getting this feature.

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