Power Consumption Of Geyser

We are always concerned about power consumption when we use a water heater/geyser because it is one of the most power-hungry appliances.

We always make the mistake of not checking the Power Consumption Of Geyser before buying it. Although manufacturers mentioned the rated power data, there was no easy way to calculate the water heater power consumption.

Power Consumption Of Geyser

To solve this problem, in this article, we are presenting a calculator that will calculate the Power Consumption of Geysers from the rated power data.

Power Consumption Of Geysebox

Disclaimer: The calculator is developed considering different assumptions which might be good for most consumers. However, individual usage may vary and there could be many factors that could contribute to the Geyser Power Consumption. This calculator is meant to give you a rough idea about how much electricity your geyser may consume based on your inputs and considering the best-case scenario.

The power consumption of a geyser depends on many factors the capacity of the geyser, the type of geyser ( Instant / Storage), the standing loss, and numerous other factors.

But every manufacturer has to provide the rated power data with all geysers. We can use that power data and calculate the Power Consumption Of Geyser easily.

The rated power data will be available on the BEE Star rating sticker that will be there on all geysers as it’s a legal requirement.

Geyser Power Consumption Calculator Inputs

The following inputs are required from your end to calculate the geyser Power Consumption.

  • Rater Power Of The Geyser [This data will be available on the product specification sheet or on the BEE Star Rating sticker.]
  • Hours Of Operation Per Day [Enter the number of hours you want to run the geyser per day. If you are not using the geyser daily, then enter the average number of hours per day]
  • Electricity Tariff Per Unit [You will get that information from your electricity board or from your last electricity bill]

Geyser Power Consumption Calculator Outputs

Following values you will get once you enter the correct input values.

  • Monthly Units Consumed By the Geyser (kWh)
  • Yearly Units Consumed By the Geyser (kWh)
  • Monthly Electricity Bill
  • Yearly Electricity Bill

Geyser Power Consumption Calculator Assumption

We did not consider the standing loss factor while calculating the power consumption data. Please note that the power consumption data may also slightly vary based on the temperature of the water desired.

For example, if the input water temperature is 20°C and you want your geyser to deliver water at 50°C, it may consume less power compared to if the input water temperature is 5°C.

So the main thing here is that more the difference in temperature, the more the power consumption will be. Manufacturers share the rated power data based on some ideal case scenario which may not be true always in the real world.

5 Tips To Reduce Geyser Power Consumption

Here are some of the tips that you can follow to reduce the geyser power consumption.

Use The Correct Capacity Geyser

It is always a good idea to use a correct capacity geyser. If you buy a high-capacity geyser but do not use that much water, then it is a waste of power. Please remember that a higher capacity geyser means a higher amount of water and a higher amount of power consumption.

Prefer To Use Storage Geyser

Instant geysers are cheap, so many people buy it. But on the other side, instant heaters consume more power than storage heater of the same capacity.

Instant heater does not have any storage tank, so it can not keep the hot water. All it does is to heat up the instantly while the water pass through the geyser. That consumes a lot more power than storage heaters.

Set A Reasonable Thermostat Temperature

All geysers come with a thermostat that cuts off the when the desired temperature is reached. Set your desired temperature low so that the geyser does not have to do a lot of work to heat up the water.

It if preferable to keep the temperature in between 50°C to 60°C as this is what a human body can tolerate. Keeping higher temperature is just a waste of power unless you want to use that for washing clothes or dishes.

Turn Off The Power When Not In Use

Some people believe that the thermostat will take off the power when not in use. But that is not true. The thermostat does not do anything apart from cutting off the power when the desired temperature is reached.

When the temperature goes down, the thermostat will start working again and this will go for again and again which will consume a lot of power.

That is why, turn off the power when not in use or use a timer in the geyser to turn off the power after a set duration.

Use A 5-Star Rated Geyser

5-star rated geysers consume less power than 3-star-rated geysers although the difference is not that much. If your usage is more, better to use a 5-star rated geyser.

Please remember that 5-star rated geysers are a little costly but these geysers come with a lot of advanced features to save power.

Conclusion: Power Consumption Of Geyser

During winter, geysers can contribute to around 30-50% of your power bill like how an AC does during summer. So it is always a wise decision to check and control the water heater energy consumption.

The first step is to buy a energy-efficient geyser and for that you can use our calculator to find out how much electricity the geyser may consume. Based on that, you can make an informed purchase decision.

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