What Is Samsung Digital Inverter Motor?

Inverter Motors are known for energy efficiency and it is no different in washing machines. Almost all washing machines, especially the front loaders come with an Inverter Motor.

The basic principle of inverter technology is the same across different manufacturers. However, Samsung has gone one step extra and offered an inverter motor called Digital Inverter Motor that is used in almost the entire appliance range.

What is so special about Digital Inverter Motor and why there is so much hype about it? Let’s learn about it in this article.

But first of all, we need to know what is an Inverter Motor.

What Is An Inverter Motor?

Let’s take an example of a car. When more speed is required, you press the accelerator. When you press the accelerator, more fuel goes into the engine. Right?

So ultimately, your car will burn more fuel only when you need more speed and power. Otherwise, it will only consume the minimum amount of power to keep the engine idle.

Inverter Technology In Washing Machines

Now let’s talk about a washing machine. In a traditional washing machine, the motor and the drum rotate at a constant speed irrespective of how many clothes you are washing.

Those clothes could have been washed even if the drum was rotating at a much lower speed. But since the motor is rotating at a constant speed irrespective of the load, it’s a waste of power.

What an inverter technology in a washing machine does is it optimize the drum rotation speed based on the wash load.

Fewer clothes mean low speed and more clothes mean high speed. So the amount of power the washing machine consumes is directly proportional to the amount of cloth you wash.

What Is Digital Inverter Motor?

Unlike other manufacturers, Samsung uses an advanced microprocessor to process the data that it receives from a series of sensors.

Whenever those sensors detect the load, it gives a signal to the washing machine’s main controller board, and then the controller instructs the motor at what speed it should rotate.

digital inverter motor

If the sensor detects a huge load, the drum speed will be adjusted accordingly, and the same is applicable when the load is less. Due to this variable speed, power is saved.

Digital Inverter Technology uses strong magnets which reduce friction in the motor. Having less friction lets your washing machine run much quieter and smoothly, making it perfect for open-plan living and keeping that budget in check.

Since this technology uses a variable-speed BLDC motor which has fewer moving parts, your motor will run for a longer period of time.

Benefits Of Digital Inverter Motor

  • Saves up to 40% power
  • Generates less sound than transitional washing machines
  • Less moving parts means the motor will run for a longer period
  • The motor adjusts the speed based on the wash load. So better washing efficiency can be achieved.
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