What Is Aqua Preserve In Washing Machine

Washing machines consume a lot of water. Washing machines waste a lot of water. Most Indian cities suffer from water shortages. So preserving water is the need of the hour.

Fortunately, different technologies have been developed to save water in washing machines. Aqua Preserve is one such feature found in Samsung washing machines that can save water for you.

LG has a similar technology called Aqua Reserve, and IFB has the same feature with the name Aqua Conserve.

Let’s learn about these technologies here in this article and find out how they can save water for you.

What Is Aqua Preserve?

The basic working principle of Aqua Preserve is to save water by reusing it. This feature does not let any of the washing cycles consume less water. Instead, it has a mechanism to store water.

aqua preserve

This feature is only available when you run a wash cycle that requires rinsing at least two times. After the first rinse cycle, this feature stores the water in the outer tub.

During the next wash cycle, the same water is used. Before the final spin-dry, the stored water is drained.

With this feature, you are expected to save around 20-30% water because your clothes are not super dirty.

Benefits Of Aqua Preserve

The major benefit of the Aqua Preserve feature is that it saves water. Saving water means saving power too. However, this feature may not be suitable if you wash dirty clothes.

Dirty clothes will let the water become very dirty after the first wash cycle. If you reuse the same water, your clothes may not be cleaned properly.

However, for lightly soiled, this feature is awesome in saving some water for you.

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