How Does Magic Filter And Magic Dispenser In Washing Machine Work?

Liquid Detergents are better than Power Detergents. But even liquid detergents can leave detergent residues on clothes if it is not mixed with water properly. This problem is more evident when you use cheap non-branded liquid detergents.

Washing machine manufacturers understand this problem and have come up with new technologies called Magic Dispenser And Magic Filter that will ensure that the detergents are mixed properly and lint is collected even when you have a very small wash load.

Both features are exclusively available on Samsung washing machines only. Let’s learn about Magic Dispenser And Magic Filter here in this article.

What Is Magic Dispenser?

As the name suggests, it is a special dispenser that dispenses detergent. It has rotating blades that create a vortex motion inside the dispenser compartment so that detergent can dissolve thoroughly before it goes to the wash drum.

magic filter and magic dispenser

It also keeps the dispenser compartment clean and minimizes the risk of any residue being left on your clothes.

Benefits Of Magic Dispenser

  • Better wash performance as the detergent dissolves into the water completely
  • Less risk of detergent residue left on the clothes
  • Keep the dispenser compartment clean and hygiene

What Is Magic Filter

The main purpose of filters in washing machine is to collect lint’s. Traditional washing machines has lint filter placed at the top of the wash drum. For it to collect lint, the washing machine has to run at full capacity which may not an ideal scenario all the time.

magic filter

That’s where Magic Filter comes into the picture. Magic filters are placed at the lower portion of the wash drum. So, even with a very low wash load, the filter can collect lint.

It also has a sensor that detects when the lint collector is full and flashes indicator light so that you clean the magic filter.

Benefits Of Magic Filter

  • Collect lint’s even with the minimal wash load
  • The indicator light alerts consumers to clean the filter. Otherwise, there is always a chance of fire during the dry cycle.
  • Clogged lint filter can degrade the washing performance. The flash light in the magic filter ensures that the filter is never clogged.

Final Words: Magic Filter And Magic Dispenser

Magic Dispenser And Magic Filter, both are kind of essential features and comes with most of the Samsung washing machines. Even the low cost semi automatic washing machines come with magic filter and magic dispenser.

Other manufacturers also have similar features with different names. But the working principle is the same as explained in this article.

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