Benefits Of Samsung Diamond Drum Washing Machine

Diamond Drum is a proprietary washing machine drum technology owned by Samsung. Samsung claims that this drum can reduce the chance of cloth damage by up to 34%.

Does the claim make sense? Let’s find the answer here in this article.

What Is A Diamond Drum?

Diamond drum is like any other washing machine drum found in Samsung washing machines. It has holes that are 25% smaller than traditional drums and are placed deep inside the diamond-shaped embosses. This is due to the diamond shape embosses, it is called a diamond drum.

diamond drum

The diamond-shaped embosses ensure that there is very little friction between the drum and clothes which is one of the main reasons for cloth damage. Diamond drums are ideal for washing gentle clothes.

The drum holes are placed so deep inside the diamond-shaped embosses that clothes do not have a chance to rub against the hole’s sharp edges. That protects the clothes from severe damage.

The diamond-shaped embosses also create a wavy motion of water that aids in better wash performance.

Benefits Of Samsung Diamond Drum Washing Machine

The main benefit of a diamond drum is that it protects clothes from damage. Since the holds are placed deep inside the embosses, there is no chance of clothes reaching the holding surface and damaging clothes.

The other benefit is the improved wash efficiency due to the wavy motion of water when it flows through the diamond-shaped embosses.

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