How Does Hygiene Steam Washing Work?

Hot water wash can remove stubborn dirt but heat can also kill up to 99% of viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms.

Off late, washing machines are coming with heater for hot water wash. On top of that, Samsung has introduced a feature called “Hygiene Steam Washing” that can not only wash your clothes better but it can also kill most germs.

Let’s learn more about Hygiene Steam Washing technology in washing machines and how it works here in this article.

What Is Hygiene Steam Washing?

Hygiene Steam Washing is a special feature available in certain Samsung washing machines. It improves the cleaning ability of a regular wash by releasing steam from the bottom of the drum, giving your clothes a deeper clean.

The hot steam also kills up to 99% of harmful viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms. With Hygiene Steam, you are not only getting a better wash but also getting a hygiene wash.

Hygiene Steam is suitable for cotton and linen fabric. The washing temperature should be at least 60 °C for this feature to work.

How Does Hygiene Steam Washing Work?

The Hygiene Steam function starts working only when all the water, dirt, and detergents are drained out of the drum.

But there is a catch. A small amount of water is still left out in the reservoir that a heater uses to generate steam. Premium washing machines come with their own steam generators. However, Samsung washing machines with the Hygiene Steam feature use the water left out in the drum to generate steam.

Hygiene Steam Washing

The steam is infused from the bottom of the drum and penetrates into the fabric. The steam can break down the stubborn dirt. It can also kill most of the germs present on the clothes thus giving you a hygienic wash.

The only issue with Hygiene Steam washing is that it is only suitable for certain types of clothes as the extreme heat can damage delicate clothes. On the other hand, 60 °C is too low a temperature for many germs to get killed.

Advantages Of Hygiene Steam Washing

Here are some of the benefits of Hygiene Steam Washing.

  • Steam has more penetration power than hot water. So you will get a better wash if you choose Hygiene Steam Washing over hot water wash
  • Hygiene Steam Washing can kill most of the germs. So you will get a Hygienic wash every time.
  • You don’t have to pre-treat your clothes before dumping them into the washing machine

FAQ | Hygiene Steam Washing

What Does The Hygiene Steam Feature Do?

The Hygiene Steam feature infuses stream into the fabric and softens the dirt so that it can be easily washed out. The hot steam also kills most of the germs giving you a Hygienic wash.

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