What Is A Stabilizer Free Operation In ACs and Refrigerators?

Mostly modern Refrigerators and ACs do not need a stabilizer ( Except for a few models) as those can work on a wide voltage range.

Do you still want to buy a stabilizer?

Well, it depends. If the voltage range covers the worst-case scenario, you may not need an external stabilizer. However, it’s better to have it for extra protection.

Off late, companies are promoting a feature called” Stabilizer Free Operation” and “Inbuilt Stabilizer” for refrigerators and ACs. Many people think that both features are the same. Are they? Let’s find the answer here in this article.

Before we talk about the Stabilizer Free Operation feature, we need to know why we really need a stabilizer and what it does.

Why Do We Need A Stabilizer?

Voltage fluctuations are common in India, especially in rural areas. Every appliance has a voltage limit within which it can work. Generally, the limit is 200V-240V. The ideal voltage is 220V.

During power fluctuations, the voltage can go as low as 100V or it can go as high as 300V. Both are dangerous to the appliance if it is not designed for that voltage range.

What a stabilizer does is that it stabilizes the voltage. Irrespective of the input voltage, it supplies a constant 220V to the appliance. The appliance won’t be affected due to voltage fluctuations.

Modern stabilizers can stabilize the voltage when the input voltage is in the range of 100V-300V. How about if the refrigerator or the AC is designed in such a way that it can operate in the 100V-300V voltage range? In that case, you don’t need a stabilizer as the stabilizer function is already there in the appliance.

What Is A Stabilizer Free Operation?

Please don’t get confused by the terms “Stabilizer Free Operation” and ” Inbuilt Stabilizer“. Both are completely different features although both serve the same purpose which is “Protecting your appliances”

When a company promotes the Stabilizer Free Operation feature, what it means is that the appliance can work within the voltage range that a typical stabilizer works.

What a stabilizer does is stabilize the voltage and protect the appliance. When the appliance is designed in such a way that it can withstand extreme voltage changes, then we don’t need a stabilizer. That is why it is called a Stabilizer Free Operation although there is no stabilizer.

Stabilizer Free Operation

What Is An Inbuilt Stabilizer?

In-built stabilizers work similarly to external refrigerators. It stabilizes the voltage and cuts off the power if the voltage range is violating the acceptable limit. The cut-off switch is not available in stabilizer-free operation.

Inbuilt stabilizers are like any other external stabilizers but that is inbuilt into the refrigerator or AC compartment. As simple as that.

Due to the presence of a cut-off switch, inbuilt stabilizers are a much safer option than stabilizer-free operation.

Benefits Of Stabilizer Free Operation Or Inbuilt Stabilizer

  • In both cases, you may not need to buy an external stabilizer.
  • Appliances won’t be damaged due to power fluctuations.
  • A cut-off switch is available like a regular external stabilizer

Conclusion: Stabilizer Free Operation

Do you still need a stabilizer? Yes, I would prefer to buy one just to give additional protection to my appliances. Consider stabilizers as insurance for your appliances. Stabilizers will ensure that it tolerates all the ups and downs and keep your appliance safe for a long time.

Stabilizers are very cheap nowadays. You can get it for as low as INR 3K-4K. When you are spending too much money on your appliances spending a couple of thousands more on stabilizers will bring you a great piece of mind.

Rajib Is The Founder And The Key Brain Behind RiansDeal. A NIT 2004 Graduate In Mechanical Engineering With Close To Two Decades Of Experience In Designing Large Appliances And Consumer Electronics Products.


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