What Is Samsung VRT Plus Washer?

VRT or Vibration Reduction Technology is Samsung’s proprietary technology to reduce vibrations in washing machines. We all know that vibration is one of the major concerns in washing machines. VRT technology will heal that issue up to a certain extent.

This article will be all about discussing the VRT technology in detail and the pros and cons of having a Samsung VRT Plus Washer.

Before moving ahead, if you are not sure how to choose a good washing machine, I would recommend you to read our Washing Machines Buying Guide which will make you informed enough to buy a good washing machine based on your requirement.

What Is VRT Plus Technology? How Does VRT Work?

VRT stands for Vibration Reduction Technology which solves the vibration problem in washing machines. Although the vibration won’t be eliminated it would be in the acceptable range.

Samsung VRT Plus Washers have 36 stainless steel ball bearings that absorb the vibration so that it does not reach the ground or other parts of the washing machine. Recently, Samsung has introduced sensors to detect the vibrations which they named VRT Plus Technology. It is ideally the same as VRT except for the sensors.

Samsung claims that VRT plus technology can reduce up to 40% vibration however in the real world, you can see up to 20% improvement. Not to forget that, Samsung uses specially designed tubs for Samsung VRT Plus Washers to control the vibration level.

So, it’s not only the ball bearing but a bunch of other technologies that aid in reducing the vibration level.

Samsung VRT Plus Washer

Can We Reduce Vibration Without VRT Plus Technology?

Yes, of course. Most washing machines vibrate due to our faults in handling the machine. If we follow some of the best practices mentioned below, we can easily reduce the vibration level.

  • Never overload the washing machine. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • Uneven loads are the major reason for vibration. Make sure clothes are evenly placed.
  • Please ensure the floor is flat. The uneven floor will increase the vibration level and the washing machine might move around
  • Always do regular servicing to ensure that bearings are not worn out.

Pros Of Samsung VRT Plus Washer

  • You may notice around 20% improvement in the vibration level
  • You are free to keep your washing machine in places where you dared to keep it before due to the vibration
  • Parts may last long as vibration reduces part’s life
  • Washing machines won’t move around accidentally
  • Not only the VRT Plus technology but Samsung VRT Plus Washers come with specially designed tubs and other advanced features that might make your washing experience better

Cons Of Samsung VRT Plus Washer

Here are some of the issues that come with Samsung VRT Plus Washers.

First of all, your washing may stop spinning at all if it is running at a very fast speed and causing too much vibration. This may happen during a spin cycle when the tub rotates at the highest speed.

So you will end up getting a poor wash or no wash at all. We can’t blame the VRT technology here as it just does its job by reducing the vibration. It has nothing to do with the washing performance. That is why, it is always a trade-off between vibration and wash performance.

Samsung VRT Plus Washers also cost a little more compared to machines with that technology. So you need to consider that aspect as well while buying a washing machine.

Conclusion: Shall We Buy A Samsung VRT Plus Washer?

Do you recommend buying a Samsung VRT Plus Washer?

Maybe not if the vibration does not bother you a lot. Please remember that VRT Plus washers compromise on the wash performance which is the main purpose of owning a washing machine. I wouldn’t love to create one more problem by solving one problem.

On top of that, if you are paying a premium for VRT technology then it would be a waste I believe. Modern washing machines are already so well designed that vibrations are already in the acceptable range. But if the price difference is not much, I won’t mind opting for a washing machine with VRT technology.

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